Star City : pioneer days to jubilee year
Toronto Since 1918 : An Illustrated History
The Inner History of Manitoba University
Gold [synopsis]
George Stewart, Jr. : nineteenth-century Canadian man of letters
A Woman's Way [draft]
The Man from Canada [synopsis]
St. Catharines : Canada's canal city
Montreal : seaport and city
EVDS 695-12 F1979
Montreal illustrated
Frontier Calgary : town, city, and region, 1875-1914
EVDS 771-03 F1982
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 004, Number 014
EVDS 697 F1977
Alberta Report Magazine
Letters between Yoshiro Ando and  Doris Rooney, 1969-1975
Frontier Calgary : town, city and region, 1875-1914
Alberta Report Magazine
Some Motorists are Not as Popular With the Farmers As They Think [draft]
EDTS 468 W1983
EVDS 743-02 F1987
Medicine Hat, AB., Bylaws, 2004
EDPS 213 S1972
PHED 249-02 W1984
MUHL 309-01 W2005
HTST 377-01 F1995
The celestial city : Fredericton, New Brunswick and the St. John River for the tourist and sportsman
Research and Scholarly Activity 1989
EDTS 468 F1985
EVDS 697 F1980
EVDS 697 F1979
Alberta Report Magazine
GEOG 651-02 W1978
GEOG 351 P1999
59 Years with Indians and settlers on Lake Winnipeg
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: McCarthy, Doris Jean
Toronto from Trading Post to Great City.
Alberta Report Magazine
Alberta Report Magazine
HTST 493-01 F1993
Alberta Report Magazine
Alberta Report Magazine
Alberta medical bulletin. Vol. 31, no. 1
HTST 493-01 W1997
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Aglukark, Susan
HTST 493-01 W1996
The Maritime Provinces, a handbook for travellers
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