Moccasins (Infant)
Frieda Caldwell with baby son Lewis W. Junior, Calgary, Alberta.
Alice and Eric George, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Children in front of log and frame house, Wetaskiwin area, Alberta.
Prince of Wales pinning medal on baby, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Harold Taylor and daughter Hazel Taylor, London, Ontario.
George and Alberta Robinson and family, Calgary, Alberta.
William Aden Day and family, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
W. Roland Stillings, photographer, Calgary, Alberta.
Christina McKinnell with baby daughter, Teulon, Manitoba.
Baby and young boy, Wetaskiwin area, Alberta.
Baby in baby carriage.
Couple with baby sitting at home, probably Alberta?
Rachel Marsden in sleigh, Gartly area, Alberta.
Mother bottle feeding baby.
Hector B. MacLeod family, High River district, Alberta.
Gwendolyn Marsden with her baby daughter Rachel, Gartly area, Alberta.
Ethel Faulkner with children and baby carriage, Coutts, Alberta.
Helen Caldwell with baby brother Lewis W. Junior in wicker chair, Calgary, Alberta.
Baby in carriage, probably Alberta?
Moccasins (Infant)
Stoney family, Morley, Alberta.
Stoney group, Morley, Alberta.
Joseph T. Derricott family, Orton District, Alberta.
Baby Delia Grenier in early morning bath, Kirkpatrick area, Alberta.
Family opening Christmas presents, Calgary, Alberta.
Emily Grainger with daughter Lillian, Calgary, Alberta.
Louis and Mildred Higginbottom with baby Frederick, Elnora area, Alberta.
Rachel Marsden in sleigh, Gartly area, Alberta.
Alfred James Girling family, Calgary, Alberta.
Baby in wicker baby carriage, Saskatchewan.
Mothers registering at Gyro clinic run by the Victorian Order of Nurses.
Morrison triplets, Calgary, Alberta.
David McElheran and family, Calgary, Alberta.
Baby born with two back teeth, Calgary, Alberta.
Frolak family, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.
Bernice Budinski, East Coulee, Alberta.
Henry V. and Emily Grainger, Calgary, Alberta.
McGavin's billboard, [Calgary?], Alberta.
Milk, Co-op Milk Company billboard, [Calgary?], Alberta.
Baby in washtub, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Doctor Harold Price at Gyro clinic run by the Victorian Order of Nurses.
Archer children on North Hill, Calgary, Alberta.
Baby born with teeth, Calgary, Alberta.
Frieda Caldwell and children on swings, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Woollians and baby southern Alberta.
Baby in wicker carriage, southern Alberta.
Twin baby girls Emily Rose and Eva Peal Marshall, Gleichen, Alberta.
Portrait of Morley Beaver and family.
The first airplane at Osnaburgh House, Ontario.
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