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Sacred objects and sacred places : preserving tribal traditions
Original Blackfoot texts from the southern Peigans Blackfoot reservation, Teton County, Montana
My people the Bloods
Trail to heaven : knowledge and narrative in a northern native community
Willow = Salix sp
Wild Onion = Allium sp
Common Yarrow = Achillea millefolium L. (Pine Stem)
Yampa = Perideridia gairdneri (Hook. & Arn.) Mathias (Squaw root; Double turnip)
Red-osier Dogwood = Cornus stolonifera (Red Bush)
Locoweed = Oxytropis sp. (Rattle Sound)
Sweetgrass = Hierchloe odorata
Common Gaillardia = Gaillardia  aristata Pursh (Brown eyed Susan)
Common Twinpod = Physaria didymocarpa (Hook.) Gray (Gray Leaves, Gophers Ears, White Stems)
Quaking Aspen = Populus tremuloides (Trembling Aspen)
Wild Strawberry = Fragaria sp. (Mouth roof berries, Real people berries)
Prairie Aster = Aster sp.
Spiny Phlox = Phlox hoodii Richards (Moss Phlox)
Western Meadow Rue = Tahlictrum occidentale (Gros Ventre Scent)
Water Smartweed = Polygonum amphibium L. (Bitter-root)
Creeping Juniper = Juniperus horizontalis Moench (Creeping Cedars/ Quills)
Nodding Onion = Allium cernuum (Prairie Funny Vine)
Chokecherry = Prunus virginiana L.
Wild Bergamot = Monarda fistulosa L. (Horse Mint; Purple Bee Balm; Bachelor)
Louisiana Sagewort = Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. (Man Sage; Prairie Sage)
Silver Buffaloberry = Shepherdia argentea (Pursh) Nutt. (Bull Berry, Thorny Buffalo Berry, Stink Wood)
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