Maligne Lake.
Jasper Park Lodge.
Winter work on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway bridge, Delburne area, Alberta.
Mt. Edith Cavell.
The Icefields Chalet.
Mt. Athabaska and Glacier Ice Fields Highway
Maligne Lake.
Lake Louise.
Mt. Edith Cavell.
Maligne Canyon.
Becker's Bungalow Camp. Jasper.
Samson Peak. Maligne Lake.
Mt. Geikie.
Maligne Canyon.
Maligne Canyon.
Second Falls. Maligne Canyon.
Maligne Canyon.
Maligne Lake.
Roche Miette. Jasper Highway.
Mt. Edith Cavell
Pyramid Mtn. From Lake Edith.
Jasper, Alta.
The school beneath the hill
Athabasca Falls.
Mt. Robson and Tumbling Glacier.
Peter Lougheed - Constitutional talks
Athabasca Glacier, Striations
Saskatchewan Glacier
Landscape overlooking a glacial valley from the Athabasca Glacier terminal moraine
Saskatchewan Glacier
Saskatchewan Glacier
Ice Cave, Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Icefields
Wesley Bradford
The rotunda - Jasper Park Lodge
Rock Garden - Jasper Park Lodge
Main Building Jasper Park Lodge
Top Mt. Resplendent.
Athabasca Glacier. Ice Fields Highway.
At the Bears' Lunch Counter
Mt. Fryatt.
Potholes, Maligne Gorge Jasper Park.
The Triplets of Jasper Park
Astoria Hotel Jasper Park
Feeding the Deer Jasper Park
The Season's greetings. Mt. Columbia, Canadian Rockies
The Season's greetings. Maligne Lake, Canadian Rockies
Athabaska Glacier - Columbia Icefields.
Astoria Hotel Jasper Park
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