Picture brides : Japanese women in Canada
Picture brides : Japanese women in Canada
200 Remarkable Alberta Women
Notable Saskatchewan Women 1905-1980
Unhappy rebel : the life and art of Andy Stritof
My Africa, my Canada
Unhappy rebel : the life and art of Andy Stritof
Issei : stories of Japanese Canadian pioneers
A biography of Doctor Stephanie Petryk Potoski : on the occasion of the Canadian Ukrainian centennial, 1891-1991
Reflections and reminiscences : Ukrainians in Canada, 1892-1992
Memoirs of Giovanni Veltri
The lucky immigrant : the public life of Fortunato Rao
Defiant sisters : a social history of Finnish immigrant women in Canada
A Mennonite Odyssey
The woman doctor of Balcarres
Relatives and strangers : the identity of post World War II ethnic German immigrants
Born with a call: a biography of Dr. William Pearly Oliver, C.M.
Wandering River history book, 1983
Deconstructing a nation : immigration, multiculturalism and racism in 90's Canada
Memories on the march : personal stories of the Jewish military veterans of Southern Alberta
L' épopée de nos aïeules : diocèse de Nicolet, 1860-1910
Wandering River history. Volume 3, 1984-2008
Tales and trails of the following school districts : Blackfoot, Daysville, Lake Russell, Minnehaha, Parkdale, Picnic Lake, 1893-1978
Along the north shore of the Twelve Mile : a history of Lakenheath, Stonehenge and Twelve Mile Lake school districts
Wandering River history book, 1968
Ordinary woman in extraordinary times
Lewchuk's Creative Magic
The colonization of western Canada
First days, fighting days : women in Manitoba history
An ordinary woman in extraordinary times
Troubles in paradise : letters to and from German immigrants in Canada, 1925-1939
Revd. John Ogilvie, D.D. : an Army Chaplain at Fort Niagara and Montreal, 1759-1760, The
The immigration and settlement of the black refugees of the War of 1812 in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
The Italian diaspora : migration across the globe
Blacks in deep snow : black pioneers in Canada
Histoire de la communauté de Notre-Dame de Charité du Bon-Pasteur de Montréal : suivie d'une biographie de Messire J.V. Arraud, S.S
The Wardells and Vosburghs : records of a loyalist family
The Manitoba Clinic, 1946-1996 : 50 years
Rural Roots : Brada, Easthill, Roecliffe
Time Marches On : a history of the Alfred, Formby, Wardenville and Wembley School Districts
Once upon a country lane : a tribute to the Gaelic spirit of old West Huntley, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Dreams and determination: a history of Grassland and districts
Nova Scotians at home and abroad: biographical sketches of over six hundred native born Nova Scotians
Regina Ethnic Pioneers Cemetery Walking Tour : Multicultural. Tour 2 (White Tour)
Dreams and determination,  the legacy continues… a history of Grassland and districts. Volume 2
Safe haven : the refugee experience of five families
Footsteps to follow : a history of Young, Zelma and districts
William Kurelek, the suffering genius
Marynia, don't cry : memoirs of two Polish-Canadian families
Remembering Grandmother : a collection of memories
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