Military commission
Forging the chain : a case study of Italian migration to North America, 1880-1930
Northwestern Military Academy certificate
[Ill]ustrated guide to the World's Fair and Chicago and Quebec
Galinsoga ciliata (Rafinesque) S.F. Blake
Cyperus esculentus Linnaeus
Asarum canadense Linnaeus
Draba verna Linnaeus
Abutilon theophrasti Medikus
Elaeagnus angustifolia Linnaeus
Me : A Book of Remembrance [serialized semi-fiction, early draft]
Adiantum aleuticum (Reprecht) Paris
Me : A Book of Remembrance [screenplay draft]
Me : A Book of Remembrance [draft fragment]
Bidens frondosa Linnaeus
Me : Anonymous [typescript draft]
I Am a White N[---]  [revised draft]
Me : A Book of Remembrance [summary]
Chinese pirates article
Phragmites australis (Cavanilles) Trinius ex Steudel subsp. Australis
Harte, Grace Eaton : Women Lawyers' Journal [article]
Stellaria media (Linnaeus) Villars
Postcard from Colonel James Macleod to Mary Macleod, October 15, 1883
Clipping from a Chicago Paper
Louis Jolliet, découvreur du Mississipi et du pays des Illinois, premier seigneur de l'Ile d'Anticosti : étude biographique et historiographique
University of Alberta at Calgary - the Library Cataloguing Department manual, November 1965
Harte, Grace Eaton : Women Lawyers' Journal [biographies]
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Taylor, William E. Jr.
EDTS 468 F1985
EDPS 697 EDPS 699 F1976
KNES 455 F1999
KNES 455 F2000
Prince of Hearts [synopsis]
In appreciation to James W Davidson
KNES 355 W2001
Report on computer assisted learning
KNES 455 F2001
EDPS 640-02 F1983
EDPS 417 W1984
EDTS 468-03 F1990
EDPS 695 W1977
LING 699-16 W1985
PHED 645 W1991
KNES 355 W1999
LING 699-16 F1989
Threat of German world-politics, The
EDPS 695 F1976
MUHL 571-15 671-19 F2005
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