Blended heritage
Lennox and Addington Historical Society : papers and records. Volume I
Louis Riel, assemblée de Lachine, 10 août 1885 : discours de M. Girouard, député du comté Jacques-Cartier : sommaire complet corrigé par lui-même
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 15
Histoire de Beaupré, 1928-1978
La grande maison des Forges du Saint-Maurice : témoin de l'intégration des fonctions : étude structurale
Beechy Co-op Farm, 1949-1974
Bittersweet years : the Herbert story
Sacred stories of the Sweet Grass Cree
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada : Canada's winter shipping port
St. John and its business : a history of St. John, and a statement in general terms of its various kinds of business successfully prosecuted
Williams' Victoria and Nanaimo cities directory, 1890 : containing general provincial information with a classified business directory
Beaconsfield et Beaurepaire : une chronique de l'expansion de la ville de Beaconsfield et du secteur de Beaurepaire
Out of the peasant mold : a structural history of the M. Hawreliak home in Shandro, Alberta
The Bridges of Creemore Mills, 1832-1871
Thunder Bay's people
Busby's busy years
The lost craft of ornamented architecture: Canadian architectural drawings, 1850-1930
The colonization of western Canada
Charlevoix-ouest : historique et ressources touristiques
Big Manitou Country, 1905-1980 : Volume I
I remember Peace River, Alberta and adjacent districts.  Part I
Over the border : Acadia, the home of "Evangeline"
The Maritime Provinces of British North America and the American Revolution
Pioneer food patterns in the western interior of Canada
Edmonton to Peace River and the North Country : 1918-19 guide with map of north country
Gleanings, memories and sketches of Moulton Township
La vie du Cap-Santé, 1679-1979
Italian Roots and Canadian Blossoms
Saint-Prosper de Champlain : les années de fondation, 1845-1855
Inventaire des permis de construction des archives de la ville de Québec, 1913-1930. Part B.
Monographie de la paroisse de Sainte-Rosalie
A short history of Court Pride of Ontario : no. 5640 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1871-1896 : Ancient Order of Foresters
Detailed design proposal for the Biological Sciences Building 1968
Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Piper in peace and war, The
The settlement of the Peace River country : a study of a pioneer area. Volume 6
Principles and practice of disinfection, The
La famille Boisseau
Local histories of Ontario municipalities, 1951-1977 : a bibliography with representative trans-Canada locations of copies
Pioneering with a piece of chalk : the one-room country schools of Alberta, 1885-1982
City of London : the pioneer period and the London of today
Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier : un choix naturel
Facts and figures relating to Vancouver Island and British Columbia
Hermanni Boerhaave : praelectiones academicae de morbis nervorum
By river and trail : the history of Waskatenau and districts. Vol. 1
Historic Hastings
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 10 (1940). Appendix no. 1
Paroisse de Saint-Roch
The Bitter 'n sweet : the history of the Bittern Lake-Sifton District
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