Pictures of girls taken at Flower Show, Edmonton, Alberta.
Resume of the story of 1st Battalion, the Saskatoon Light Infantry (MG), Canadian Army, overseas
Two polo ponies outside Macleod Hotel, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Orlando Trailer
Members of United Fund Campaign committee, Calgary, Alberta.
Luite and Johanna Visscher at post office, Brutus, Alberta.
Beaver Creek polo team.
Polo team, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Three Canadian Army soldiers.
Three times and out
Tamarix ramosissima Ledebour
History of 13 Canadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, 1940-1945, The
Art Cowell as 'Bandmaster van Vugt', Calgary, Alberta
Ronnie Cowie as 'Captain Paap', Calgary, Alberta
Frank Hemming as 'Mr. Hook', Calgary, Alberta
Western Canada's first polo team, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Glenboro United Church
Isabell Logie as 'Mira', Calgary, Alberta
Jimmie Morris as 'Slinks', Calgary, Alberta
Episode 3: Bola Agbaje / Kanika Batra
Members of 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles in South Africa.
Episode 6: Phillis Wheatley / Tara Bynum
Episode 10: Alice King / Vanessa Warne
Private Kornelius Gerrit Devries, 50th Battalion, 21st reserve, Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Episode 1: Radclyffe Hall / Jana Funke
Orlando Extended Trailer
School children, Brutus school, Alberta.
Halsey Sturtevant and Mr. McClelland at Sturtevant homestead shack, Bingville, Alberta.
'Robbie' Burns supper, Bray Lake, Alberta.
Episode 2: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu / Isobel Grundy
Episode 4: Lady Hester Pulter / Alice Eardley
Episode 5: Margaret Paston / Diane Watt
Harold and Thompson Company binder twine display, [Saskatchewan?].
Mr. and Mrs. John Kuyten and son Frank, Strathmore, Alberta.
View from Domburg Ranch across Bow River, Alberta.
View from Domburg Ranch across Bow River, Alberta.
Nellie Sneddon, teacher at East Springs school, British Block area, Alberta.
United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd. building, Rochfort Bridge, Alberta.
Group at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tinney, settlers on south-east British Block area, Alberta.
William Damen, Strathmore, Alberta.
First house on Domburg Ranch, near Dunbow, Alberta.
Episode 7: Mary Seacole / Alisha Walters
Executive of the Calgary Better Business Bureau, Calgary, Alberta.
Chisholm Block, Edmonton, Alberta.
Imperial Oil Limited's top marketing managers attending a planning meeting held at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario.
Domburg Ranch house, near Dunbow, Alberta.
Mrs. Erickson and son, Walter, at East Springs, Alberta.
Corn boil and duck roast, Bingville school, Alberta.
Lieutenant Holland, Royal Flying Corps. pilot.
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