Hinton, Alberta.
Louis Joachim, Hinton area, Alberta.
Station at Hinton, Alberta.
Drinnan coal mine, Hinton, Alberta.
Charlie Matheson, Hinton, Alberta.
Chief Davidson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Hinton, Alberta.
History of Hinton : gateway to the Rockies, Hinton, Alberta on the Yellowhead
Celebration at Hinton, Alberta.
Pete Krytor and saddle horse 'Jasper' at King's Ranch, Hinton, Alberta.
Group on porch of Mountainview Hotel, Hinton, Alberta.
Tony Baumbartner, hospitalized miner after explosion, Hinton, Alberta.
Square dancing on skates at Thompson Lake, Hinton area, Alberta.
Jack Pivak and Pete Krytor, miners at mine entrance, Hinton, Alberta.
Group at King's Ranch, Hinton area, Alberta.
Earl Kellerman wedding, Hinton, Alberta.
William Aitken, coal miner, hospitalized after explosion, Hinton, Alberta.
Frank Hinton home, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Reg Williams, recovering after mine explosion, Hinton, Alberta.
Burned miner, Gus Kobec, in hospital at Hinton, Alberta.
Drinnan coal mine, Hinton, Alberta.
Leo and Clara Baker at Bar F Ranch, Hinton, Alberta.
Thomas Mapp family and relatives, a Black family from Amber Valley, Alberta.
Wolf captured for use as a sleigh dog, Hinton area, Alberta.
Moberly family in first car, Hinton, Alberta.
William John Breckenridge, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Gilbert Lawrence, Edson, Alberta.
Group in canoe, Beauvais Lake, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Mona Harragin, park guide, Jasper National Park, Alberta.
Mona Harragin, guide for Brewster in Jasper National Park, Alberta.
Members of social club, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Imperial Oil service station at Bassano, Alberta.
Pool Hall, Edson, Alberta.
Edson pioneers, Edson, Alberta.
Edward Smith's stopping place, Edson area, Alberta.
Edson Immigration Hall, Edson, Alberta.
Edson Town Band, Edson, Alberta.
Prairie Creek ferry, Alberta.
Welby family and friends, Tollerton, Alberta.
Jellis Block, Edson, Alberta.
Riders and pack horses, Edson, Alberta.
Laying cornerstone for Edson School, Edson, Alberta.
Settlers with loaded wagon on way to Edson area, Alberta.
Edson football team, Edson, Alberta.
Edson Tennis Club, Edson, Alberta.
Tollerton pioneers with hunting trophies of two bears, Tollerton, Alberta.
James Cronk and family in tent, Edson, Alberta.
Group at old town of Entrance, Alberta.
Woodley Brothers store and post office at old town of Entrance, Alberta.
Staff of 'The Chinook'.
Group watching rope tricks in front of Woodley Brothers store and post office, Entrance, Alberta.
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