Lake of Hanging Glaciers.
Trails, trappers, and tender-feet in the new empire of western Canada
Old Indian trails: incidents of camp and trail life, covering two years' exploration through the Rocky Mountains of Canada
Yellowhead Pass and its People
The Past to the Present Volume II
Daily journal for 1921, diary of Mrs. Frances Gladys O'Kelly
The Loon Lake story : an episode in the building of Canada
From prairie trails to pavement
Banff, Canada's First National Park : a history and a memory of Rocky Mountains park
Weathered Wood : anecdotes and history of the Banff-Sunshine area
Place Names of Alberta. Volume I. Mountains, mountain parks and foothills
Banff, Canada's First National park : a history and a memory of Rocky Mountains park
Ten Years of Trek
Diamond Hitch : The Early Outfitters and Guides of Banff and Jasper
Department of Geology and Geophysics annual report 2001
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 030, Number 021
Banff Springs : the story of a Hotel
Glimpses of the past, 1894-1994
Gauntlet, Volume 015, Number 043
Magic boards : a history of skiing in Saskatchewan
Gauntlet, Volume 025, Number 018
26 reasons to choose the University of Calgary: handbook for prospective international students
Kananaskis Field Stations annual report 2003-04
Canmore: the story of an era
Gauntlet, Volume 015, Number 015
Range Riders and Sodbusters
Mervin Memories : a history of Mervin and the following school districts: Aroma, Brooksdale, Clover Lake, Coredlia, Daysville, Dulwich, Louisville, Mervin
Gauntlet, Volume 014, Number 019
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 001, Number 014
Parkbeg Reflections
History and folklore of the Whiteshell Park North : Lakes Brereton, Red Rock, Jessica, White, Big Whiteshell, Betula, Barrier Bay, Nutimik, Dorothy, Otter Falls, Eleanor, Pointe du Bois, George
Forests, furrows and faith : a history of Boyle and districts
Echoes of our past : Bradwell, Clavet and district
Milk River Country
VOX Magazine, July 1992, Issue 101
Plains, Trains and Wagon Wheels
Historical Analysis of Parks Canada and Banff National Park, 1968-1995
Memories past to present : a history of Beaver Crossing and surrounding district
The Spy Hill story
Leavings by trail, Granum by rail
Stonies of Alberta: an illustrated heritage of genesis, myths, legends, folklore and wisdom of Yahey Wichastabi, the people-who-cook-with-hot-stones
The University of Calgary Department of Biological Sciences annual report 1998-99
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