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Alberta, 1954-1979 : a provincial bibliography
Hills of Home : Drumheller Valley
The History of Dalum
Arrowwood Story (Mistsa-Katpiskoo): In the Shadow of the Buffalo Hills
Prairie Sod and Goldenrod
Reflections: Dalum and Area
Carbon District : crop, coal, and cattle centre : 1895-1962
K.I.K. country
Beiseker's Golden Heritage
Memories, Yours and Mine: A History of Beveridge Lake, East View, Garrett, Hesketh, Humbolt, Kirby, Lenox, Marne, Webbs School Districts
The  Battle River Country: An Historical Sketch of Duhamel and District
Alberta History Cumulative Index, 1953-1977
Carbon : our history, our heritage
Prepared to Care : Nurses and Nursing in Alberta, 1859-1996
Annual report of the Department of Public Health, Province of Alberta. 1939
View of prairie fire in Rosebud area, Alberta.
Sod-banked shack, Kneehill creek area, Alberta.
Moving day at Nels McDonald's homestead shack, Ghost Pine area, Alberta.
R.W. Hunter's homestead shack, Beveridge Lake area, Alberta.
George Lobbans' homestead shack, near Beveridge Lake, Alberta.
William Douglas ranch home, Marne School District area, Alberta.
Poplar Grove ranch, Hesketh area, Alberta.
Cowboys and cattle on Burns ranch, southern Alberta.
Cowboys and cattle on Burns ranch, southern Alberta.
Burns' chuckwagon, southern Alberta.
Corral on Charlie McDonald's ranch, north of Carbon, Alberta.
Well drilling on Jack Garrett's land, north-east of Carbon, Alberta.
Gilbert Berdahl farm, Hesketh area, Alberta.
Jack Lowen hauling hay in winter, Kneehill creek area, Alberta.
Jack Lowen branding horse on Burns ranch, southern Alberta.
Lowen children with dogs and toy wheelbarrow, Kneehill creek area, Alberta.
Building Dry Canyon hill, Hesketh area, Alberta.
Community picnic at foot of Dry Canyon, Hesketh area, Alberta.
Buffalo bones, Hesketh area, Alberta.
Hauling grain in Carbon area, Alberta.
Stock loading at A. Craig Pierce farm, Carbon area, Alberta.
Threshing crew, Carbon area, Alberta.
Baldwin combine on Pope lease, Carbon area, Alberta.
A.C. Pierce's wheat-hauling outfit, Hesketh area, Alberta.
Ed Harrison and four work horses, Beveridge Lake area, Alberta.
Ovide Auger, with horses at homestead on Red Deer river, Alberta.
William Schnase, harrowing the breaking, Rosebud area, Alberta.
13 beefs butchered for harvest crews by Bill Schnase, Rosebud area, Alberta.
Charlie McDonald on 15-27 Wallis tractor, Ghost Pine creek area, Alberta.
Road crew building south-east Hesketh hill, Alberta.
Boy scout camp for boys from Hesketh and Carbon, Alberta.
E.R. Peterson with saddle horse, southern Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Brost, Humboldt area, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Forsch, settlers in Carbon area, Alberta.
Jim Bacon, milking cow, Hesketh area, Alberta.
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