VOX Magazine, April 1997, Issue 158
Grande Prairie : capitol [sic] of the peace
Gauntlet, Volume 026, Number 026
Wagon Trails Grown Over : Sexsmith to the Smoky
VOX Magazine, February 1985, Issue 15
Fields of prosperity : a history of Englefeld 1903-1987
Once upon a country lane : a tribute to the Gaelic spirit of old West Huntley, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Tales and Trails of Millet Volume I
VOX Magazine, January 1995, Issue 131
A Journey of Faith : St. Peter's abbacy, 1921-1996
VOX Magazine, May 1994, Issue 123
Gauntlet, Volume 022, Number 046
Treasured memories : Gwynne and district
Butte Stands Guard : Stavely and District
Pioneer settlers : Ukrainians in the Dauphin area, 1896-1926
Bamfield Marine Station, Development Program for
Quest for a New Homeland : The Founding of St. Peter's Colony in Saskatchewan
Down memory lane : a history of the Domain community, 1867-1967
The Legacy of St. Peter's Colony
Seems like only yesterday, 1892-1980 : the history of Kuroki and district
Along the Carlton trail : a history of Speers and the following districts: Oral, Speers, Keatley, Corbett, Lakeview, Wanganui, Tillotson, Springbank, Greenbluff
Milestones & Memories
Place Names of Manitoba
Prairie Memories
Siding 16"" : an early history of Wetaskiwin to 1930
Some Liverpool chronicles
Echoes of Fort Assiniboine and Districts
Milk River Country
Alberta Gazette 1915
Footprints in the sands of time : Antler, Bellegarde, Braeside, Coulson, Kelvindale, Oatlands, Silver Vale
From Strachan to Owen : how the Church of England was planted and tended in British North America
Alberta Gazette 1918
Place Names of Alberta. Volume IV. Northern Alberta
From the Bigknife to the Battle : Gadsby and area
Mariposa, the Banner Township : a history of the Township of Mariposa, Victoria County, Ontario
In the Beginning : a history of Coronation, Throne, Federal and Fleet Districts
Days Before Yesterday : History of Rocky Mountain House district
Akokiniskway, by the river of many roses
Alberta History Cumulative Index, 1953-1977
Tributaries of the Blindman
McAlpine's Maritime Provinces Directory for 1870-71
Alberta Gazette 1930
History and folklore of the Whiteshell Park North : Lakes Brereton, Red Rock, Jessica, White, Big Whiteshell, Betula, Barrier Bay, Nutimik, Dorothy, Otter Falls, Eleanor, Pointe du Bois, George
Prairie Reflections
Alberta, 1954-1979 : a provincial bibliography
A wheatland heritage
Health units of Alberta
Victoria County centennial history
Nos Racines : chapitre 16 à 30
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