Space planning guide
Pedestrian walkway system: planning stages
Long range development plan
A prospectus on existing, planned and required buildings
Grounds Department operations manual
MacEwan Student Centre: expansion project
Space planning: A case study
The University of Calgary rough fescue prairie reserve: current use and strategies for the future, a report by the Grounds Department
Academic planning report #9: space planning guide updated appendix to academic planning report #3
Facilities and Services Planning Committee long range plan review sub-committee final report
Space planning guides
Campus community plan
Foothills Hospital site development plan
Extension of water pipes, Victoria Park
Abstract of planning data for the University of Calgary
Academic planning report #2: working papers for internal discussion
Long range capital plan summary - proposed projects 0-15 years
Department of Electrical Engineering five-year plan
Kinesiology building expansion plan
Physical Plant Building, phase 1, architectural program
Water & sewer, Victoria Park
Long range development: current state of the campus
The University of Calgary academic plan, September 1972 - September 1976
Strategic marketing plan for the University of Calgary
Campus Community Plan Work Book: Preliminary Response to Issues and Plan Explorations
A Campus Primer A Guide for Planning the University of Calgary Campus
Campus graphics and signage
Report on a corporate plan for the University of Calgary
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