More Griffin prairie wool
Griffin prairie wool : the product of much ""wool-gathering"" by many early residents of Griffin community
Lampley's general store, Griffin Creek, Alberta.
T. 'Dad' Griffin, pioneer settler, Peace River area, Alberta.
First agricultural fair, Griffin Creek, Alberta.
Officials at tree-planting ceremony, Horticultural Research Station, Brooks, Alberta.
Royal North-West Mounted Police horse training, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Men with young badgers, Glenrose area, Alberta.
Griffin, H.J. Residence
Royal North-West Mounted Police training horses, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Picnic at the former Watster [Watson?] farm, Pearce area, Alberta.
Carlyle Dairy wagon, Calgary, Alberta.
Union Milk Company display at Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Municipal Railway sight-seeing [observation] car on 4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Union Milk employees, Calgary, Alberta.
Officers of United Dairies and associated companies, Calgary, Alberta.
14th annual Alberta Dairymen's Association convention, Calgary, Alberta.
Recreation during Royal North-West Mounted Police training at Regina, Saskatchewan.
Jersey Farms delivery wagon and truck, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier addressing crowd upon his arrival, Calgary, Alberta.
Visit of John Philip Sousa to the Regina Fair, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Union Milk Company wagons, Calgary, Alberta.
First boxcar of print butter shipped from Alberta to British Columbia.
41st annual convention, Alberta Dairymen's Association, Edmonton, Alberta.
Hays family, Alberta.
Visit of General Sir Douglas Haig to Sarcee Army Camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Madeline Carroll, film star, at Royal Canadian Mounted Police barracks, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Royal North-West Mounted Policemen at barracks, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Aerial view of Alberta Ice Company plant at Keith district, Calgary, Alberta.
Jenkins Groceteria hockey team, Calgary, Alberta.
Jenkins' Groceteria hockey team, Calgary, Alberta.
Oakville : past and present : being a brief account of the town, its neighborhood, history, industries, merchants, institutions and municipal undertakings
Boer War monument in Central Memorial Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Madeline Carroll, film star, with stallion, named 'King', at Regina, Saskatchewan.
Thomas E. Hays family sitting outdoors, Alberta.
First steps to Tokyo : the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Aleutians
Royal North West Mounted Police in K Division who joined the military, Edmonton, Alberta.
Tennis winners, Calgary, Alberta.
Ice cream delivery van, Calgary, Alberta.
A. Griffin and G. H. Patrick holding three young badgers, Glenrose district, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Union Milk plant, Red Deer, Alberta.
Union Milk Company dairy, Calgary, Alberta.
Union Milk sleigh, Red Deer, Alberta.
Crystal Dairy, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Union Milk Company route salesmen, Calgary, Alberta.
Union Milk Company float in Stampede parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Loading out at Union Milk Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Union Milk Company, Central Creameries Ltd., and Crystal Dairy employees, Calgary, Alberta.
Dairy meeting, Red Deer, Alberta.
Dairy cow, Alcartra Gerben, highest butterfat producer, Union Milk Company, Calgary, Alberta.
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