British railways and the war
Economic strength of Great Britain, The
Government control of coal and rent, railways & shipping
The Duration of Niagara Falls and the history of the Great Lakes
Short history of the Dominion of Canada : from 1500 to 1878 : with the contemporaneous history of England and the United States
As their natural resources fail : native peoples and the economic history of Northern Manitoba, 1870-1930
Roumania and the Great War
Notice, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Link with a Lonely Land : the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway
Resources of the empire, The
Cavalry journal. Vol. V, January to October
History of the British Navy during the war : adapted from Colonel John Buchan's History of the war, A
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVI, January to October, 1926
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 27, July 1912
Cavalry journal. Vol. XIX, January to October, 1929
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVIII, January to October, 1928
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 28, October 1912
A Plain tale of plain people : pioneer life in New Ontario : the great clay belt
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVII, January to October, 1927
Cavalry journal. Vol. III, January to October
Cavalry journal. Vol. XXI, January to October, 1931
How Longbridge spanned the years of war : Austin war production in pictures
Cavalry journal. Vol. XX, January to October, 1930
Conscription and motherhood
Cavalry journal. Vol. XII, January to October, 1922
Reports and documents in reference to the location of the line and a western terminal harbour, 1878
British labour movement and the war, The
Kandahar in 1879
[Cavalry journal. Vol. XVIII, January to April, 1928]
Cavalry journal. Vol. IV, January to October
Italy our ally : being an account of the visit to Italy of the Right Hon. H.H. Asquith M.P., Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Cavalry journal. Vol. XV, January to October, 1925
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 26, April 1912
With the British Red Cross in Turkey : the experiences of two volunteers, 1912-13
Peril of conscription, The
Conquerors of Palestine through forty centuries, The
Conscription enters the workshops
Profits and patriotism
Forewarned is forearmed : what you must do in the event of a hostile landing in your neighbourhood
Victoria County centennial history
Cavalry journal. Vol. VI, no. 24, October 1911
Profiteers' parliament, The
Venetia with the Quadrilateral : a military geographical sketch
Chapters from a soldier's life
My mission to London, 1912-1914
Polar Bear Express Country
Diary of the Eleventh
V.A.D. in France, A
War and the future, The
Speech on the Canadian Pacific Railway : delivered in the House of Commons, Ottawa, on February 8, 1884
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