Spirit of yesteryear : the Northeastern Montana Threshers and Antique Association handbook
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVII, January to October, 1927
[Cavalry journal. Vol. XVIII, January to April, 1928]
Cavalry journal. Vol. XIX, January to October, 1929
Plains Indian studies : a collection of essays in honor of John C. Ewers and Waldo R. Wedel
ODPU 495 F1989
Letters from the front : being a record of the part played by officers of the bank in the Great War, 1914-1919. Vol. 2
Agent in Italy
HTST 605-01 F1991
HTST 432-01 F1992
GEOG 511 F2001
Our treasured heritage : Borden & District
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 2005. Rodeo program
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1979. Parade program
Builders of a great land
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1963
Rodeo Royal Program, 1977
The range men : the story of the ranchers and Indians of Alberta
HTST 606-02-01 W1987
The great lone land : the icongraphy of the Riel Rebellions, 1869 and 1885 : including an outline history of Manitoba and North West Canada
Rodeo Royal Program, 1974
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1980
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1989. Half million dollar rodeo
Rodeo Royal Program, 1973
Rodeo Royal Program, 1976
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1998. [Rodeo program]
The great Dominion : studies of Canada
Story of the Blackfeet, The
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 2000. [Rodeo program]
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1997. [Rodeo program]
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1995. [Rodeo program]
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 2002. Rodeo program
The hills of home
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1968
Adventurous Albertans : the women and men who built this province
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1987. Half million dollar rodeo
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1996.    [Rodeo Program]
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1962
Effects of white contact upon Blackfoot culture : with special reference to the role of the fur trade, The
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 002, Number 002
The Pioneer West no. 1
Ten Years of Trek
The coal mining industry in the Crow's Nest Pass
Scholarly Publications 1991 Faculty of Social Sciences
The Pioneer West no. 3
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1950
Parade Line-up, Calgary Stampede, 1984
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1960
The story of Macleod
Plants and the Blackfoot
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