Economic strength of Great Britain, The
Child labour and education : during the war and after
Britain in arms : l'effort Britannique
Britain transformed : new energies illustrated
Eclipse or Empire? / by Herbert Branston Gray and Samuel Turner
Manpower : the story of Britain's mobilisation for war
Labour in chains : the peril of industrial conscription
Industrial councils : the Whitley report, together with the letter of the Minister of Labour explaining the government's view of its proposals
Essays in socialism and war
What is the matter with England? : criticism and a reply
Women in industry
Socialism and economic theories : a paper read at the I.L.P. Summer School, July, 1917
Why Britain should disarm : the economic case for non-resistance
Britain and the war : a study in diplomacy
Huns at home during three years of the Great War, The
War-time speeches : a compilation of public utterances in Great Britain
British labour movement and the war, The
Worker's resolve : an interview with W. A. Appleton, The
Public versus capitalism : a plea for national ownership of industry, The
"Scare-mongerings," from the Daily mail, 1896-1914 : the paper that foretold the war
Conscription and motherhood
Teaching of Christ : a practical programme for national and international life, The
Some aspects of the war as viewed by naturalized British subjects
Prospect and retrospect
Democracy and the war : an appeal to the rank and file of the trade unions and the Labour Party
Peril of conscription, The
British universities and the war : a record & its meaning
After three years : a restatement of British war aims.
Christ and the world at war : sermons preached in war-time
Farrow's Bank gazette
Through French eyes
War and the workers : a plea for democratic control
Great Britain and the European crisis : correspondence and statements in Parliament, together with an introductory narrative of events
Liberty of the subject : Lord Shaw of Dunfermline's judgment in the Zadig case, The
Labour and the new protectionism
Cavalry journal. Vol. VI, no. 24, October 1911
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 28, October 1912
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVII, January to October, 1927
Foreign policy of Sir Edward Grey, 1906-1915, The
Prisoners of war information bureau in London : a study, The
Truth about England exposed in a letter to a neutral, The
Cavalry journal. Vol. XV, January to October, 1925
I appeal unto Cæsar : the case of the conscientious objector. Third edition
Cavalry journal. Vol. III, January to October
War for public right, The
Cavalry journal. Vol. XVI, January to October, 1926
War traders, The
Cavalry journal. Vol. XII, January to October, 1922
War and the future, The
Cavalry journal. Vol. VII, no. 26, April 1912
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