General view looking upstream from thawing area on Goldstream near junction of Pedro and Glenmore Creeks
General view of stripped and partly thawed area on Goldstream near junction of Pedro and Glenmore Creeks, Fairbanks District
Detailed view of ice masses and silts in south wall of Goldstream valley near junction of Pedro and Gilmore Creeks
Details of lamination of silts and ice in thawing area on Upper Goldstream
Hydraulic giants playing against bank of frozen ground on Upper Goldstream
Ice lenses, wedges and dikes in frozen silts and gravels on Upper Goldstream
Details of structure and interlamination of silts and ice in thawing area on Upper Goldstream
Face of frozen silt with ice wedges and masses on Upper Goldstream. Deformed layers of silt.
Ice dikes, lenses and sheets in confusing network in midst of frozen silts on Upper Goldstream
Dike of clean ice in bedded silts with nearly horizontal structure on Upper Goldstream. Near shell locality. Mr. Bigelow.
Looking up Goldstream to show ice masses and deformed strata in bank near margin of dredging area.
General view of frozen banks in area being prepared by Fairbanks Exploration Company on Upper Goldstream
Detail of frozen ground trenched by runoff from hydraulic giants. Intermixture of ice and frozen gravel and silt. Upper Goldstream.
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 3, no. 2 (February, 1933)
Pioneer days of Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes : Nakusp diamond jubilee, 1892-1952
Alberta Cattle Breeders' Association catalogue, 30th, 1930.
Guide to the province of British Columbia for 1877-8 : compiled from the latest and most authentic sources of        information
The call of the West : letters from British Columbia
Freeway West
Alberta medical bulletin. Vol. 36, no. 1
A History of British Columbia
Patrician, The. Vol. XIV, May, 1962
Victoria illustrated
The Landis Record
History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's) 1928-1953, The

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