Hattie Brown Gold Mining Comp'y : Trail Creek division, West Kootenay mining district, British Columbia
Gold fields of British Columbia and the state of Washington
Prospectus, memorandum, and articles of association of the Enterprise Gold and Silver Mining Company, Limited
Prospectus, proposed act of incorporation, report of manager, memorandum and articles of association of the British Columbia Milling and Mining Company (Limited)
Island Mountain Mine, Cariboo district, B.C. : reports of Wm. Craib and Geo. A. Koch on the property
The Gold mines of the Yukon and Clondyke [sic] : where they are, what to take, how to get there : a lot of useful information for the prospective miner, from authentic sources
Klondike-Peace gold fields : compiled from Canadian government reports
The Valley of the Chaudière, its scenery and gold fields
Map of the gold regions in British Columbia...
A Land of gold! Trail Creek, B.C. : the best and cheapest route to the towns and mines of Trail Creek, B.C.
Kamloops mining camp
The great gold fields of Cariboo : with an authentic description, brought down to the latest period of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.
The golden north : a vast country of inexhaustable gold fields, and a land of illimitable cereal and stock raising capabilities
Guide book for British Columbia : the wonders of the gold diggings of British Columbia
The directory of mines (corrected and published quarterly) : a guide for the use of investors and others interested in the mines of British Columbia
The great Dominion : studies of Canada
Prospectors' manual
Gold and other stories as told to Berry Richards : prospecting and mining in northern Saskatchewan
There were no strangers : a history of the village of Creighton Mine, Ontario
Overland to Klondike through Cariboo, Ominica [i.e. Omineca], Cassiar, and Lake Teslin : the poor man's route.
L' inauguration de l'École des mines de l'Université Laval, le trente avril mil neuf cent quarante-un
Story of the Springhill disaster
Algoma West : its mines, scenery and industrial resources
British Columbia gold mines: a paper read before the Liverpool Geological Association
Gold in Canada : the Chaudiere Valley and its mineral wealth
Yukon gold fields
Grain, grass, and gold fields of south-western Canada : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada : described as a mixed farming and mining country
The coal mining industry in the Crow's Nest Pass
North Bay, the gateway to Silverland
The Grain, grass and gold fields of south-western Canada
Gold fields of the Yukon and how to get there
A Brief Description of the Boundary Creek District
Gold in Cariboo and Kootenay reached only by the Canadian Pacific Railway
To the Klondike and gold fields of the Yukon
The Klondike goldfields and how to get there
Ottawa County : its resources and capabilities
Roughing it after gold
Cariboo Gold : an episode in the annals of freemasonry
Early days on the Yukon & the story of its gold finds
Guide to the Yukon-Klondike mines : full information of outfits, climate, Dawson City, with notes on alluvial and metalliferous prospecting ...
Klondike and Yukon gold fields in the far Canadian North-West and Alaska
The Pioneers of the Klondyke : being an account of two years police service on the Yukon
British Columbia, Canada's most westerly province, its position, advantages, resources and climat
Early History of the Fraser River Mines
Newfoundland to Manitoba : a guide through Canada's maritime, mining, and prairie provinces
Map and Guide to the Cariboo Gold Mines of British Columbia
From Euston to Klondike : the narrative of a journey through British Columbia and the North-West Territory in the summer of 1898
Alberta Report Magazine
British Columbia for settlers: its mines, trade and agriculture
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