The  Gleichen call : a history of Gleichen and surrounding areas, 1877-1968
Place names of Alberta. Volume II. Southern Alberta
The Rosebud Trail
Pioneer Families of Southern Alberta
Snake Valley : a history of Lake McGregor and area
From Danaview to Standard
Arrowwood Story (Mistsa-Katpiskoo): In the Shadow of the Buffalo Hills
Annual report, Calgary Stampede. 1925
Rodeo Royal Program, 1981
Trails to Little Corner : a story of Namaka and surrounding districts
Alberta Gazette 1910, part 1
Strathmore : the village that moved : a story of the town of Strathmore
Excerpt from the Annual report of the Department of Agriculture of the Province of Alberta from 1914
Exhibition Prize List, Calgary Stampede. 1909
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1908
Carbon District : crop, coal, and cattle centre : 1895-1962
The range men : the story of the ranchers and Indians of Alberta
Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982
Hussar Heritage
Facts concerning the Bow River Valley, Southern Alberta, Canada
Alberta Gazette 1923, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1935
Alberta Gazette 1917, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1938, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1926
Early Medicine in Alberta : The First Seventy-Five Years
Alberta Gazette 1908
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1953
Alberta Journals, 1907, 1st Leg., 2nd Sess.
Akokiniskway, by the river of many roses
Alberta Gazette 1907, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1922
Trails to highways
Hussar heritage : through the years in Hussar and surrounding district, from its earliest beginnings to the present day
Alberta Gazette 1915
Souvenir program, Calgary Stampede, 1999. [Rodeo program]
Alberta Gazette 1930
From Ontario to the Pacific by the C.P.R.
Alberta Gazette 1905, Part 1
Standard colony, Standard, Alberta
Alberta Gazette 1919
Alberta Gazette 1990, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1951
Alberta Gazette 1927
Alberta Gazette 1913, Part 1
Alberta Gazette 1982, Part 2
Alberta Gazette 1928, part 1
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1950
Alberta Gazette 1946, Part 1
Souvenir Program, Calgary Stampede, 1919
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