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Ice Cave, Athabasca Glacier, Columbia Icefields
Castle Mtn., Banff.
Seracs Illecillewaet Glacier
Albert Canyon
At Albert Canyon.
Victoria Glacier, Mt. Lefroy
Mt. Sir Donald
Selaginella scopulorum Maxon
Proposal for the University Research Park
Lake Louise & Victoria Glacier
Lake Louise.
Victoria Glacier and Mt Lefroy.
Mt. Lefroy; The Beehive; Victoria; Lake Agnes.
Yoho Glacier.
The Illecillewaet Valley.
Ice Berg Lake.
Ice Berg Lake.
Lake Louise, Alberta
Glacier Trail, Lake Louise.
Mt. Bident and Consolation Lake.
Mt. Quadra, Consolation Lake.
Operating review of the Environmental Sciences Centre (Kananaskis)
Stoney Creek Bridge.
West Portal, Connaught Tunnel, Glacier.
East Portal, Connaught Tunnel.
Glacier Station, B.C.
Connaught Tunnel.
Stoney Creek Bridge.
Illecillewaet Glacier.
Illecillewaet Valley.
Near Glacier, B.C.
Robson Glacier.
The University of Calgary higher education reserve lands stage I inventory and analysis findings report
Mt. Sir Donald in Winter.
Illecillewaet Glacier, Glacier, B.C.
Mt. Sir Donald.
Takakkaw Falls and Daly Glacier. Yoho Valley.
Evaluation report on the Total Community Education Project of the Flathead Valley Community College
Carex geyeri Boott
Carex glacialis Mackenzie
Carex paysonis Clokey
Lake O'Hara.
Lake of Hanging Glaciers.
Lake McArthur
Mt. Robson and Tumbling Glacier.
On Saskatchewan Glacier.
Lake of Hanging Glaciers.
Lake of Hanging Glaciers.
Illecillewaet Glacier.
Lake Louise.

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