Pembina country : land of promise
Pioneer profiles : Ukrainian settlers in Manitoba
Stories of pioneer days at Killarney
Trials of the Pioneers
With the West in her eyes : Nellie Hislop's story
East of the Red : early Ukrainian settlements, 1896-1930. Volume 1
Memories : Redwater and district
La première Canadienne du Nord-Ouest, biographie de Marie-Anne Gaboury
Land I Can Own : a biography of Anthony Tyson and the pioneers who homesteaded with him at Neidpath, Saskatchewan
Harbinger farm, 1906-1920
Letters from settlers in Canada : official and other information for intending settlers in Manitoba, the North-West Territories, British Columbia and other provinces of Canada
Manitoba and the Hudson's Bay Company
Tales of early Manitoba from the Winnipeg Free Press
Pioneers and prominent people in Manitoba
Humboldt on the Carlton trail
A guide to the study of Manitoba local history
The tread of the pioneers [...]
Place Names of Manitoba
Historical Manitoba
The romantic settlement of Lord Selkirk's colonists : (the pioneers of Manitoba)
McDougall of Alberta ; a life of Rev. John McDougall, D.D., pathfinder of empire and prophet of the plains
Rough times, 1870-1920: a souvenir of the 50th anniversary of the Red River Expedition and the formation of the Province of Manitoba
Manitoba Milestones
The Development of education in Manitoba I : Red River to 1897
Freemasonry in Manitoba, 1884-1925
The story of Manitoba. Volume 1
Life of Lord Selkirk
The Valley Comes of Age
Metis lands in Manitoba
The great lone land : the icongraphy of the Riel Rebellions, 1869 and 1885 : including an outline history of Manitoba and North West Canada
The Heart of the continent : being the history of Assiniboia--the truly typical Canadian community
The  golden thread, or, The last of the pioneers : a story of the districts of Basswood and Minnedosa, Manitoba : from community beginning to our present day, 1874 to 1970
Riel's Red River revolt : the Manitoba saga
The Creation of Manitoba ; or, A history of the Red River troubles
Third crossing : a history of the first quarter century of the Town and District of Gladstone in the Province of Manitoba
If walls could talk : Manitoba's best buildings explored and explained
Bonesetters and others : pioneer orthopaedic surgeons
A short history of Manitoba
Andrew Baird of Manitoba College.
Corner stones of empire : the settlement of Crystal City and district in the Rock Lake country
The romance of Western Canada
In the Beginning ….
Strange empire : Louis Riel and the Métis people
Medicine in Manitoba : the story of its beginnings
Reinland : An Experience in Community
Mennonites in Winnipeg
Holy ground : the story of the Manitoba Sanatorium at Ninette
Adventure in faith : the background in Europe and the development in Canada of lthe Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba
The life and times of Louis Riel.
The Red River Colony: a chronicle of the beginnings of Manitoba
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