Gardens at Vaux
Gardens at Vaux
Front Entrance at chateau, Vaux de Vicompte
Garden façade Vaux
Detail Vaux Gardens
Gardens at Vaux
Vaux de Vicompte
Gardens at Vaux
Urn at Vaux
Gardens at Vaux
Fortifications at Carcassone, France
Fortifications at Carcassone, France
Maison Henri IV, Senlis
Versailles Arangenie
Versailles Arangenie
Bronze Versailles
Beauvais, north transept
Chartres from River
North Tower, Chartres
Louvre, Paris
Detail from the Louvre, Paris
Pont St. Michael, Paris
Detail Musee Carnavalet, Paris
Cloister St. Trophimes, Arles
Temple de Diane, Nimes
Porte Marbonnaire, Carcassone
St. Sennian, Toulouse
Lisieux street
Detail Pavillion Francaise
Parish church, Beauvais, nave
Amiens, west portal doorway
Soissons - choir
Detail, Chartres Cathedral
Detail Musee de Cluny, Paris
Arena at Nimes
Ste. Mazine, Carc.
Apin theatre Versailles
Parish church nave, Coutances
Coutances, west from gallery
Laon, gateway
Vaucluse from ruined chateau
Maison Carree, Nimes
Porte d'Auguste, Nimes
Chateau d'Eau, Montpellier
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