Oxyria digyna (Linnaeus) Hill
Allium schoenoprasum Linnaeus
Veratrum viride var. eschscholzianum (Roemer & Schultes) Breitung
Carex nigricans C.A. Meyer
Agoseris aurantiaca (Hooker) Greene
Astragalus bourgovii A. Gray
Epilobium lactiflorum Haussknecht
Juncus mertensianus Bongard var. mertensianus
Poa paucispicula Scribner & Merrill
Sibbaldia procumbens Linnaeus
Pyrola asarifolia subsp. bracteata (Hooker) Haber
Salix nivalis Hooker
Draba juvenilis Komarov
Draba albertina Greene
Old Indian trails: incidents of camp and trail life, covering two years' exploration through the Rocky Mountains of Canada
Bombus sylvicola
Bombus sylvicola
Bombus sylvicola
Place Names of Alberta. Volume I. Mountains, mountain parks and foothills
On the old Athabaska trail
Old Quebec : the fortress of New France
Siege and assault of Denghil-Tépé : General Skobeleff's report
OPAT 363 W1990
To the Italian armies
ODPU 461 W1991
Illustrated Quebec
Story of Blue Eye, The
Venetia with the Quadrilateral : a military geographical sketch
Next Battle-Field, The
Italy in the War
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