Hudson's Bay Company store, Fort Wrigley, Northwest Territories (NWT).
A steamboat on the Mackenzie River docked near Fort Wrigley, Northwest Territories.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police barracks at Fort Wrigley, Northwest Territories.
Fort Wrigley, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Bird's eye view of Fort Wrigley and the Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories.
Mrs. L. Conibear's home, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Colonel Jim Cornwall in his garden at Fort Norman, Northwest Territories.
Mrs. Gifford and daughter, Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories.
Hislop and Nagle Company steamboats and scows at Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Canada's western northland : its history, resources, population and administration
Hislop and Nagle steamer 'Eva' unloading cargo at Hislop and Nagle Company post, Fort Wrigley, Northwest Territories.
Northwest Territories Ordinances, 1891, 2nd Leg., 1st Sess.
Christine and Bill Gordon in their vegetable garden, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Bill Gordon in this turnip patch, Fort McMurray, Alberta
Steve Yanik's experimental plots of grain, Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta.
Charles Potts, 72 years old, the famous gardener of Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Ruth Johnson, Anna Johnson, Effie Flint, Irene Walton, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Diocese of MacKenzie River
'Charlie', ox used by E.A. Smith on left, near Beaverlodge, Alberta.
William and Mrs. Pierce and daughter Daisy, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Members of the Oliver H. Johnson family on a burro in Oklahoma, before moving to Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Nelson Burns.
Oliver H. Johnson, one of the first three settlers in Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Ralph and Harry Carrell in caricature, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Reverend J. M. Johnston, Spirit River, Alberta.
Albright family at Dominion Experimental Station, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
W. D. Albright, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Rede Stone driving home a spike on the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway as the train enters, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Oliver H. Johnson, one of the first three settlers in Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Settlers wagon upset on Grande Prairie Trail, Alberta.
Group at stopping place 'The Boston' between Edmonton and Athabasca, Alberta.
Ribbon of water and steamboats north : meeting place of many waters : part two in a history of Fort McMurray, 1870-1898
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
Fort Vermilion before Alberta : an early history of the Ft. Vermilion district
Fort Pitt history unfolding, 1829-1985 : history of the Hudson Bay Post and the school districts of White Eagle, Harlan, Frenchman Butte, Rock Bottom, Onion Lake, Fort Pitt
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
The  fur trade in Canada : an introduction to Canadian economic history
The honourable company; a history of the Hudson's Bay Company. Revised to 1949
The birth of Western Canada; a history of the Riel rebellions
Hidden apostles : our lay brother missionaries
When fur was king
The remarkable history of the Hudson's Bay Company : including that of the French traders of North-Western Canada and of the North-West, XY, and Astor Fur Companie
Blood red the sun
History of the North-West. Volume 2
People Places : Saskatchewan and its names
A bibliography of British Columbia : laying the foundations, 1849-1899
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