Plains Indian studies : a collection of essays in honor of John C. Ewers and Waldo R. Wedel
Prophecy of the swan : the upper Peace River fur trade of 1794-1823
Trail to heaven : knowledge and narrative in a northern native community
Hidden apostles : our lay brother missionaries
The  fur trade in Canada : an introduction to Canadian economic history
Indians of the Rocky Mountain parks
Suppression of the Rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada, 1885
Charcoal's world
Mackenzie, Selkirk, Simpson
The far and furry North : a story of life and love and travel in the days of the Hudson's Bay Company
The honourable company; a history of the Hudson's Bay Company. Revised to 1949
The birth of Western Canada; a history of the Riel rebellions
The great lone land : the icongraphy of the Riel Rebellions, 1869 and 1885 : including an outline history of Manitoba and North West Canada
My people the Bloods
The new West : extending from the Great Lakes across plain and mountain to the golden shores of the Pacific : wealth and growth, manufacturing and commercial interests
Sacred objects and sacred places : preserving tribal traditions
Forty years in Canada; reminiscences of the great Northwest, with some account of his service in South Africa, by Colonel S.B. Steele
McDougall of Alberta ; a life of Rev. John McDougall, D.D., pathfinder of empire and prophet of the plains
Handbook of Indians of Canada: published as an appendix to the tenth report of the Geographic Board of Canada
The Making of the Canadian West : being the reminiscences of an eye-witness. 2nd ed.
The remarkable history of the Hudson's Bay Company : including that of the French traders of North-Western Canada and of the North-West, XY, and Astor Fur Companie
Strange empire : Louis Riel and the Métis people
When fur was king
The Canadian North-West : its early development and legislative records : minutes of the councils of the Red River Colony and the Northern Department of Rupert's Land. Volume I
The Canadian North-West
The history of the North-West rebellion of 1885
Louis Riel, 1844-1885 : a biography
Mountain and Prairie: a journey from Victoria to Winnipeg via Peace River Pass
The ""Adventures of England"" on Hudson's Bay
These mountains are our sacred places: the story of the Stoney Indians
Sir George Simpson : overseas governor of the Hudson's Bay Company : a pen picture of a man of action
Six years in the Canadian North-West
Trooper and redskin in the far North-West : recollections of life in the North-West Mounted Police, Canada, 1884-1888
The  Grey Nuns in the far north, 1867-1917
The story of the trapper
Humboldt on the Carlton trail
My life as an Indian : the story of a red woman and a white man in the lodges of the Blackfeet
Epitome of Parliamentary documents in connection with the North-West Rebellion, 1885
Minnesota and its Resources: to which are appended camp-fire sketches or notes of a trip from St. Paul to Pembina and Selkirk settlement on the Red River of the north
Battleford beleaguered, 1885 : the story of the Riel Uprising from the columns of the Saskatchewan Herald
The old forts of Winnipeg
History of the North-West. Volume 2
History of British Columbia from its earliest discovery to the present time
The  drama of the forests : romance and adventure
Under the Northern Cross, or, Parochial memories
The story of the trapper
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