Northwest Territories Ordinances, 1884
Canada's western northland : its history, resources, population and administration
Winter at Fort Macleod, A
Northwest Territories Ordinances, 1901, 4th Leg., 3rd Sess.
Effects of white contact upon Blackfoot culture : with special reference to the role of the fur trade, The
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
The golden north : a vast country of inexhaustable gold fields, and a land of illimitable cereal and stock raising capabilities
History of Saskatchewan and the Old North West
Our North land
Diocese of MacKenzie River
Canada's northern fringe
Veterinarians of the North-West Territories and Alberta : The Story of the Veterinary Profession in the Area, 1860-1955
Aboriginal geographical names of Canada : an annotated bibliography = La toponymie autochtone du Canada : une bibliographie annotée
The  conquest of the great Northwest
Native mapping project
Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories: including the negotiations on which they are based and other information relating thereto
Native Canadian geographical names : an annotated bibliography = La toponymie autochtone du Canada : une bibliographie annotée
Pioneering in the prairie west
On Western trails in the early seventies: frontier pioneer life in the Canadian North-west
Daily journal for 1921, diary of Mrs. Frances Gladys O'Kelly
Wanderings of an artist among the Indians of North America: from Canada to Vancouver's Island and Oregon through the Hudson's Bay Company's territory and back again
Nova Britannia; or, our new Canadian Dominion foreshadowed : being a series of lectures, speeches and addresses
The social life of stories : narrative and knowledge in the Yukon Territory.
Fort Vermilion before Alberta : an early history of the Ft. Vermilion district
The Hudson Bay road (1498-1915)
Fort Pitt history unfolding, 1829-1985 : history of the Hudson Bay Post and the school districts of White Eagle, Harlan, Frenchman Butte, Rock Bottom, Onion Lake, Fort Pitt
Ribbon of water and steamboats north : meeting place of many waters : part two in a history of Fort McMurray, 1870-1898
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
Crowfoot : chief of the Blackfeet
The conquest of the great Northwest : being the story of the Adventurers of England known as The Hudson's Bay Company : new pages in the history of the Canadian Northwest and Western States. Volume 2.
Plains Indian studies : a collection of essays in honor of John C. Ewers and Waldo R. Wedel
The life and times of Louis Riel.
Trail to heaven : knowledge and narrative in a northern native community
Hidden apostles : our lay brother missionaries
Prophecy of the swan : the upper Peace River fur trade of 1794-1823
Indians of the Rocky Mountain parks
The  fur trade in Canada : an introduction to Canadian economic history
Charcoal's world
The great lone land : the icongraphy of the Riel Rebellions, 1869 and 1885 : including an outline history of Manitoba and North West Canada
Mackenzie, Selkirk, Simpson
The honourable company; a history of the Hudson's Bay Company. Revised to 1949
The far and furry North : a story of life and love and travel in the days of the Hudson's Bay Company
Forty years in Canada; reminiscences of the great Northwest, with some account of his service in South Africa, by Colonel S.B. Steele
My people the Bloods
The remarkable history of the Hudson's Bay Company : including that of the French traders of North-Western Canada and of the North-West, XY, and Astor Fur Companie
The new West : extending from the Great Lakes across plain and mountain to the golden shores of the Pacific : wealth and growth, manufacturing and commercial interests
McDougall of Alberta ; a life of Rev. John McDougall, D.D., pathfinder of empire and prophet of the plains
Sacred objects and sacred places : preserving tribal traditions
When fur was king
Handbook of Indians of Canada: published as an appendix to the tenth report of the Geographic Board of Canada
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