Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
In Belgium under German rule : one meal a day
Ontario Food Terminal
Ontario Food Terminal
Beulah Alliance Care Network Program Workers
Hamper Food Donation to Student's Union Food Committee as part of Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank
Food Barn
Food-a-rama presented by Scott National Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Nellie and William Wigg, Lewisville district, Alberta.
Confess... Did you or did you not exceed the government guidelines?'
It seems their technology is far more advanced than we anticipated.'
The big bite'
Pioneer food patterns in the western interior of Canada
News item - movement to raise alarm over genetically engineered food continues...'
Eskimo Rock-Pile Meat Cache at Nuwata as a Means of Protection from the Warmth of the Sun and from Wolves, Bears and Foxes.
Food City store - in receivership
How do you wish to pay for this, Ma'am ... cheque, cash or easy monthly payments?'
[The egg marketing disaster continues.]
[Camp with Meat Hanging to Dry and Five Dogs]
Window display at Hudson's Bay Company store, Edmonton, Alberta.
Food cache, Alaska boundary survey.
George Lezard with grindstone utensil for pounding berries, Penticton Reserve, British Columbia.
Wigg family, Lewisville district, Alberta.
George, please ... not in front of the children.'
Food Bank re: welfare recipients
To our customers
Picnic at Grey Owl cabin, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
Natural food snack bar, Calgary, Alberta.
World Food and Job Bank
First World War patriotic poster: 'We are Saving You : You Save Food : Well Fed Soldiers Will Win the War '.
Will management handle flight attendant duties? 'My God! They eat this?!''
a strange food
Whitefish caught in Slave Lake, Alberta.
Scouts - Hike for Hunger
Picnic group on Highwood River west of High River, Alberta.
Camp of Piegan (USA), Montana.
Inuit child eating piece of food at summer quarters, somewhere between Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories and Dawson, Yukon Territory.
The pioneer cook : a historical view of Canadian Prairie food
Meatcutters and Canadian Food and Allied Workers local 373 on strike, Calgary, Alberta.
Friulian booth, Calgary Canadian Citizenship Council international food fare, Calgary, Alberta.
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