First Nations man and woman posing, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
First Nations woman with child, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
First Nations of Eastern Canada, burial ceremony.
Sewing room of First Nations school, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.
Women fishing at York Lake, Saskatchewan.
The Cephas [Sepataph] family at Moosonee near Moose Factory, Ontario.
Notable Saskatchewan Women 1905-1980
Doukhobors women and girls, Yorkton area, Saskatchewan.
Group of Doukhobor women pulling a plough, Yorkton area, Saskatchewan.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard) and Dawn, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
First Nations people, seated on sidewalk.
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard) cooking over campfire, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
Women and babies, Ile-a-la-Crosse, northern Saskatchewan.
Girl, First Nations of Canada.
Simpson family, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Ladies with skates, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Picnic at Grey Owl cabin, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
William J. Oliver, with Grey Owl and wife, Anahareo, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
Grey Owl and wife Anahareo at cabin, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
Grey Owl, Professor Cockerell, Mrs. Cockerell and Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard), Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
Group at Grey Owl cabin, Lake Ajawaan, Saskatchewan.
Simpson family picnic, near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Mid-European emigrant and child, Yorkton area, Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan women teachers, 1905-1920 : their contributions
Reverend Dyke Parker, Anglican clergyman, , with family, Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Women, child and decorated tipi, [Waterhen Lake or Greeen Lake], northern Saskatchewan.
Breaking 100 : a century of women's golf in Saskatchewan
Victoria Day picnic, York Lake, Saskatchewan.
Lady at Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
North-West Mounted Police non-commissioned officers at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Hudson's Bay Company post at Montreal Lake, Saskatchewan.
Revillon Freres' post at La Loche, Saskatchewan.
Doukhobor outside home, Yorkton area, Saskatchewan.
A Doukhobor hotel in Saskatchewan.
First Nations women and children having tea, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.
Doukhobor family, Saskatchewan.
Doukhobor women, Canora, Saskatchewan.
John Diefenbaker and Olive Diefenbaker meeting First Nations at airport, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Group of Doukhobor pilgrims, Yorkton area, Saskatchewan.
Group of Cree women and children, Saskatchewan.
First Nations woman at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Doukhobor women hitched to a plough, southern Saskatchewan.
Some outstanding women : they made Saskatoon a better community
North-West Mounted Police detachment, Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan.
Women fishing from buggy, York Lake, Saskatchewan.
Metis people at Waterhen River, Saskatchewan.
Bill Dean and Walter Jewitt serving tea to First Nations women and children, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan.
Cree people at Bull's House, northern Saskatchewan.
Doukhobors in prayer at Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Better farming train, Battleford, Saskatchewan.
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