Language and religion
German language in Alberta: maintenance and teaching, The
Echoes of the classical age in contemporary Portuguese oral tradition : Some instances of language interference in the Polish American press
Free exchange: proceedings of the 1991 western Canadian conference of graduate students of English, March 1-2, 1991
Les  Cahiers des Dix. Volume 34
Proposed reading of the Davenport tablet
Deutsch als Muttersprache in Kanada : Berichte zur Gegenwartslage
Bridging the chasm : a study of the Ontario-Quebec question
Ethnic press in Ontario
Ozade, Mmnotha Wapta Makochi, Stoney place names
Canada's Poets and Prose Writers
The  clash! : a study in nationalities.
Aboriginal geographical names of Canada : an annotated bibliography = La toponymie autochtone du Canada : une bibliographie annotée
Handbook of Indians of Canada: published as an appendix to the tenth report of the Geographic Board of Canada
Toronto : Canada's new cosmopolite
Canadian savage folk: the native tribes of Canada
Native Canadian geographical names : an annotated bibliography = La toponymie autochtone du Canada : une bibliographie annotée
EDCI 553-01 EDCI 553-02 S1979
EDCI 553-01 EDCI 553-02 S1977
LING 207 W1997
EDCI 553-01 EDCI 553-02 S1983
EDCI 553-50 S1981
Number 4 Canadian Hospital : the letters of Professor J.J. Mackenzie from the Salonika front
Italians in Canada
Our people : Carpatho-Rusyns and their descendants in North America
Independencer : Official Publication of the Western Canada Concept Party
LING 353 F2004
LING 471 W1986
Roots and Realities Among Eastern and Central Europeans
EDIS 501-15 F1980
LING 697-01 F2001
An Italian region in Canada : the case of Friuli-Venezia Giulia
LING 699 F2010
LANG 599 LANG 699 F2011
LING 373 W2012
LING 457 F1996
Fifty years in Western Canada
EDCI 520-01 F1974
Chinese in Ontario
EDCI 545 W1985
LING 203 W2003
LING 599 W2011
German immigration and assimilation in Ontario, 1783-1918
People Places : Saskatchewan and its names
EDCI 553-11 EDCI 553-12 S1979
LING 203-01 W2007
EDCI 553-11 EDCI 553-12 S1981
EDCI 545 W1987
LING 699-26 W1986
LING 203 W2006
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