A guide to the study of Manitoba local history
Historical Manitoba
History of Emerson, Featuring Historical Sketches of Surrounding Districts.
Place Names of Manitoba
If walls could talk : Manitoba's best buildings explored and explained
Call 320 : a documentary record of the 1950 Manitoba flood and Red Cross activities in the disaster
The history of pharmacy in Manitoba, 1878-1953
A short history of Manitoba
The History of Pharmacy in Manitoba, 1878-1953.
Pioneer profiles : Ukrainian settlers in Manitoba
The great lone land : the icongraphy of the Riel Rebellions, 1869 and 1885 : including an outline history of Manitoba and North West Canada
Bibliography of Manitoba from holdings in the Legislative Library of Manitoba
Manitoba Milestones
East of the Red : early Ukrainian settlements, 1896-1930. Volume 1
Rough times, 1870-1920: a souvenir of the 50th anniversary of the Red River Expedition and the formation of the Province of Manitoba
Pioneers and prominent people in Manitoba
Vita : a Ukrainian community : making progress. Book 2
Vita : a Ukrainian community : it's background and beginnings. Book 1
Tales of early Manitoba from the Winnipeg Free Press
Breezy reminiscences of Manitoba
Freemasonry in Manitoba, 1884-1925
The story of Manitoba. Volume 3
The story of Number Four : being a brief summary of the happenings in St. John's Lodge, 1875 to 1950
Andrew Baird of Manitoba College.
Pages de souvenirs et d'histoire; la paroisse de Saint-Pierre-Jolys au Manitoba
Let us rise! : a history of the Manitoba labour movement
Architectural heritage : the MSTW Planning District
Pembina country : land of promise
Manitoba : Its Infancy, Growth, and Present Condition
Corner stones of empire : the settlement of Crystal City and district in the Rock Lake country
Medicine in Manitoba : the story of its beginnings
Adventure in faith : the background in Europe and the development in Canada of lthe Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba
The Valley Comes of Age
Chalk, sweat, and cheers : a history of the Manitoba Teachers' Society commemorating its fiftieth anniversary, 1919-1969
Reinland : An Experience in Community
Riel's Red River revolt : the Manitoba saga
The great Canadian North-West : its past history, present condition, and glorious prospects
Icelandic settlers in America
With the West in her eyes : Nellie Hislop's story
Holy ground : the story of the Manitoba Sanatorium at Ninette
Pioneer settlers : Ukrainians in the Dauphin area, 1896-1926
Hardships & progress of Ukrainian pioneers : memoirs from Stuartburn colony and other points
Altona : the story of a prairie town
German community in Winnipeg, 1872 to 1919, The
Taming a wilderness : a history of Ashern and district
Ten years in Winnipeg, a narration of the principal events in the history of the city of Winnipeg from the year A.D., 1870, to the year A.D., 1879, inclusive
Third crossing : a history of the first quarter century of the Town and District of Gladstone in the Province of Manitoba
The Heart of the continent : being the history of Assiniboia--the truly typical Canadian community
Bulletin (Societe Historique de Sainte-Boniface) Vol.5; Bulletin (Historical Society of Saint-Boniface) Vol.5
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