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Paper Birch = Betula papyrifera (White Birch)
Pasque Flower = Anemone patens L. var wolfgangiana (Bess) Koch (Prairie Crocus; Gets old early; Early old Men)
Pasture Sagewort = Artemisia fridgida (Woman's Sage)
Poplar = Populus sp.
Prairie Aster = Aster sp.
Prickly Pear Cactus = Opuntia polyacantha (Yellow Cactus)
Puffball = Lycoperdaceae sp. (Dusty Star)
Quaking Aspen = Populus tremuloides (Trembling Aspen)
Red Tea =  (Red Tea)
Red-osier Dogwood = Cornus stolonifera (Red Bush)
Rocky Mountain Maple = Acer glabrum Torr.
Roughfruit Fairybells = Prosartes trachycarpa S. Wats. (Fairybells)
Rush Skeletonplant = Lygodesmia juncea (Pursh) D. Don ex Hook. (Prairie Pink)
Saskatoon = Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roemer (Service Berry, June Berry, Real berry willow)
Selfheal = Prunella vulgaris (Woundwart, Heal All)
Silver Buffaloberry = Shepherdia argentea (Pursh) Nutt. (Bull Berry, Thorny Buffalo Berry, Stink Wood)
Silverweed Cinquefoil = Argentina anserina (L.) Rydb. (Dry Root, Garters, Peeled Ground)
Spiny Phlox = Phlox hoodii Richards (Moss Phlox)
Sticky Geranium = Geranium viscosissimum Fisch. & C.A. Mey. ex C.A. (Cranes bill)
Sweetgrass = Hierchloe odorata
Thimbleberry = Rubus parviflorus Nutt.
The correction line
Three Flowered Avens = Geum triflorum Pursh (Old Man?s Whiskers; Prairiesmoke; Lies on its bell)
Water Smartweed = Polygonum amphibium L. (Bitter-root)
Western Meadow Rue = Tahlictrum occidentale (Gros Ventre Scent)
Wild Bergamot = Monarda fistulosa L. (Horse Mint; Purple Bee Balm; Bachelor)
Wild Licorice = Glycyrrhiza lepidota
Wild Mint = Mentha arvensis L.
Wild Onion = Allium sp
Wild Rose = Rosa sp. (Tomato flower; Wild tomatoes, Disposed of gut)
Wild Strawberry = Fragaria sp. (Mouth roof berries, Real people berries)
Wild Tomato = Solanum triflorum. Nutt (Gopher food)
Willow = Salix sp
Wolf Willow = Elaeagnus commutata Bernh. ex Rydb. (Silverberry)
Yampa = Perideridia gairdneri (Hook. & Arn.) Mathias (Squaw root; Double turnip)
Yellow Angelica = Angelica dawsonii S. Wats. (Dawson's Angelica; Big Turnip)
Sir George Simpson : overseas governor of the Hudson's Bay Company : a pen picture of a man of action
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Quality of life vs. economic growth: can less mean more? Community seminar series #4
Assessor's report on the Graduate Programme in Physics
Calgary Normal School yearbook, 1933-1934
Memories of James Bain Morrow
Life of John Mockett Cramp
The History of the County of Brant, Ontario
The New El Dorado, or, British Columbia
Churchyard literature : a choice collection of American epitaphs : with remarks on monumental inscriptions and the obsequies of various nations
Oration delivered at the inauguration of the new masonic hall, on Government Street, Victoria, Vancouver Island, on Monday, 25th June, A. L., 5866
The Scot in British North America. Volume I
Winnipeg as It Is in 1874 : and as it was in 1860
Metis lands in Manitoba

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