Drummond Island : the story of the British occupation, 1815-1828
L' avenir : townships de Durham et de Wickham : notes historiques et traditionnelles avec précis historique des autres townships du comté de Drummond
Girls in operatic performance, Biggar, Saskatchewan.
Mr. Dignum, for the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Mrs. Weston of Covent Garden Theatre
Miss Mangeon, of Drury Lane Theatre
Master Betty, The Young Roscius, in the character of Douglas
Miss E.W. Blanchard
Miss Forde of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Girls in operatic performance, Biggar, Saskatchewan.
Mr. William Dowton, of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Miss F.E. Copeland of the Surrey Theatre
R.W. Elliston, Esq.
Miss Cubitt
Miss Hallande of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden
Miss Edmiston, of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Mr. Elliston
Mr. J.P. Harley of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Miss Graddon
Miss Campbell
Copy of photograph, women and children beside house, Edmonton, Alberta.
Letter from H. R. Drummond-Hay to Charles F. Gray, May 22nd, 1919
Men hauling firewood, Rotten Stone Lake, Saskatchewan.
Patrick and Rose Drummond, store owners, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
David Drummond Calletly, Banff, Alberta.
John Drummond Boyd, Calgary, Alberta.
Farm home near Ponoka, Alberta.
The Heart Breaker [synopsis]
Group of Dominion Land Surveyors at Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Kiwanis Club Division VII presidents, Calgary, Alberta.
Album-souvenir du cinquantenaire de la fondation de la paroisse Saint-Michel de Drummond, N.-B., 1890-1940
Members of social club, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
University of Alberta association football (soccer) team, Edmonton, Alberta.
Anemone drummondii S. Watson
Astragalus drummondii Douglas
Report of the Task Force on Scholarly Communication
Juncus drummondii E. Meyer in Ledebour
Canadian Pacific Railway Senior Football Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Cirsium drummondii Torrey & A. Gray
Boechera stricta (Graham) Al-Shehbaz
Dryas drummondii Richardson ex Hooker
Salix drummondiana Barratt ex Hooker
Silene drummondii Hooker
Members of Canadian Oil Scouts Association, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway football club, Calgary, Alberta.
Members of Canadian Oil Scouts Association, Alberta.
Historical bulletin (Calgary). Vol. 12, no. 1
List of plants of the Manitoulin Islands, Lake Huron
Cell Regulation Group First annual report 1983
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 014, Number 003
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