Muskox Exercise, Folder 1
Huskies resting
Frobisher Bay in winter
Lloyd Delude with Sled Dog
Putting sealskin boots on dogs
Head of Padle Fiord looking west
Heading for outer ice, Durban Island
Meeting off Durban (Aggidjen) Island
Harnessed doglsed team, departure from Padloping
Cape Searle across ice from Padloping Island
On sledge trip around Padloping Island
Tea stop on sea-ice
South face of inner tower of Cape Searle from west
Half way up Padle Fiord
In fiord country south of Padloping Island
J. Fitzgerald of Great Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. driving dogs, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
On sledge trip around Padloping Island
Rest on outer ice, Durban Island
Exercise Muskox preliminary exercises
Sledging around Cape Searle
Dog train leaving Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Dog team, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Banff Winter Festival, Banff, Alberta.
Calgary Stampede
[Parade scene], Calgary Stampede
Polar bear cubs, Fort Churchill
Jujiro Wada by dog sled, Herschel Island, Yukon.
Dog teams, Edmonton, Alberta.
Dog sleds at Baker Lake
Dog team on mile 5 1/2 road, Hinton area, Alberta.
Dog sled teams in winter, Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Trapper Sam Sackrider returns after one thousand miles on trap-line, Nordegg, Alberta.
Sled dogs in winter at Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut.
Charles Prime, Royal North West Mounted Police with sled dogs, Lac La Loche area, Saskatchewan.
Exercise Muskox dogsled team
Wolf captured for use as a sleigh dog, Hinton area, Alberta.
Thomas Waterworth with his dog team, Prince Albert area, Saskatchewan.
Husky Dog Team.
Royal North West Mounted Police with dog sled, northern Manitoba.
Dog sleds and canoes on frozen Reindeer Lake, Manitoba.
[Royal North-West Mounted Police?] patrol by dog sled in winter to Lake Rouviere, Northwest Territories.
Inuit with skin sled in winter on Victoria Island, Northwest Territories.
Royal North-West Mounted Police arriving by dog sled at Inuit camp, [Northwest Territories?].
Dog team in front of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company Ltd.'s Pine Point office, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.
Returning by dog sled in winter from meeting the Dawson patrol, [Yukon Territory?].
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