Herb Darling beside homestead shack on Pope lease, north-east of Hesketh, Alberta.
Baldwin combine on Pope lease, Carbon area, Alberta.
Horses at A. G. Anderson's auction sale, Webbs area near Carbon, Alberta.
Horse shoe canyon, Drumheller, Alberta.
Mrs. George Craddock and Mrs. Hubert Coates beside car, Carbon area, Alberta.
Line of work horses on Anderson farm, Ghost Pine Creek area near Carbon, Alberta.
School children gardening at Marne School, Kirkpatrick area, Alberta.
Cement being poured for basement of new hall, Hesketh, Alberta.
Percy Coad farm house, Humboldt area, Alberta.
Loading gravel near Carbon, Alberta.
Len Andrew, Svend Hansen, and John Hansen on Andrew farm near Hesketh, Alberta.
Kneehill creek at Dunphy siding, Alberta.
Large ice blocks on horse-drawn sled, Red Deer river, Alberta.
Horses at A. G. Anderson's auction sale, near Carbon, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway track washout, Kneehill Creek near Carbon, Alberta.
Charlie McDonald on 15-27 Wallis tractor, Ghost Pine creek area, Alberta.
Loading seed drill on A. G. Anderson's farm near Carbon, Alberta.
Jack Lowen's children on horseback, Kneehill Creek near Carbon, Alberta.
Percy Coad and daughter Dorothy Coad with work horses, Humboldt area, Alberta.
Mrs. William F. Schnase beside unfinished house near Rosebud, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. William Baird with Dr. and Mrs. Lincoln, Carbon area, Alberta.
Team of horses moving grain bins on Garrett farm near Carbon, Alberta.
Ranch near Hesketh, Alberta.
Aerial view of James Robison homestead, Kneehill Creek near Carbon, Alberta.
Team of oxen at Vickers' store, Drumheller, Alberta.
N.B. Vickers demonstrating Ford tractor, Drumheller, Alberta.
Trail ride at Horse shoe canyon, Drumheller, Alberta.
Ice Hockey at Hesketh, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Webber on their wedding day, Kirby School District area, Alberta.
Thomas J. King with Rawleigh wagon and two-horse team, Carbon area, Alberta.
Wilf Carter discing with eight horse team near Carbon, Alberta.
Cowboys and cattle on Burns ranch, southern Alberta.
Burns' chuckwagon, southern Alberta.
13 beefs butchered for harvest crews by Bill Schnase, Rosebud area, Alberta.
Boy scout camp for boys from Hesketh and Carbon, Alberta.
William Schnase, harrowing the breaking, Rosebud area, Alberta.
Pat Burns and company delivery wagon, Calgary, Alberta.
Merle Anderson, throwing a calf, Carbon, Alberta.
J. Chittick's store, Hesketh, Alberta.
Baby Delia Grenier in early morning bath, Kirkpatrick area, Alberta.
William Douglas ranch in Horseshoe canyon, Alberta.
George Lobbans' homestead shack, near Beveridge Lake, Alberta.
Ice Hockey at Hesketh, Alberta.
Wong Kai, Chinese restaurant owner, Hesketh, Alberta.
Ford cars in front of Vickers' store, Drumheller, Alberta.
McDonald bridge crossing Ghost Pine creek, Alberta.
Jack Lowen branding horse on Burns ranch, southern Alberta.
Josephat Alphonse Grenier and his wife on their wedding day, Kirkpatrick area, Alberta.
Hesketh, Alberta.
First store in Drumheller, Alberta.
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