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Winter sports in the West
With the West in her eyes : Nellie Hislop's story
Our roots : a history of La Ronge
Journey to a lonely land : the birth and growth of the Northern Canada Evangelical Mission
First Nations woman and baby in cradleboard, in front of tipi, southern Alberta.
Stoney family at Ponoka, Alberta.
Walking Buffalo (George McLean) holding baby granddaughter Philia McLean, Calgary, Alberta.
Kootenay woman, child, and baby in cradleboard, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Stoney family, Morley, Alberta.
Stoney group, Morley, Alberta.
Stoney woman holding baby wrapped in a cradleboard bag, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Gussie Nimrod, Stoney, holding baby wrapped in a cradleboard bag, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Stoney women and children, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
The first airplane at Osnaburgh House, Ontario.
Morley Beaver and family, Morley, Alberta.
Cree woman with baby in cradleboard.
Stoney girl with child in a cradleboard, Banff Indian Days, Banff, Alberta.
Daisy Norris, Blackfoot woman.
Glenbow Foundation display of masks and baskets in Hull House, Calgary, Alberta.
Siwash woman and baby, Chilcotin area, British Columbia.
A group of Koskimo women in front of canoes, British Columbia.
Crow woman with cradleboard and child.
Kootenay woman with cradleboard.
Kootenay family, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Woman and baby outside of tipi.