Coyote Flats : historical review, 1905-1965. Volume 1
Dreams and determination: a history of Grassland and districts
Dreams and determination,  the legacy continues… a history of Grassland and districts. Volume 2
Drybelt Pioneers of Sundial, Enchant, Retlaw
From spruce trees to wheatfields: Plamondon. Volume 2, 1988-2008
Where the prairie meets the hills : Veteran, Loyalist and Hemaruka districts
Wandering River history. Volume 3, 1984-2008
Trails to highways
Tributaries of the Blindman
The little village that grew : a history of North Red Deer
From spruce trees to wheatfields: Plamondon
Shadows of the Neutrals and Open memory's door
Ogden whistle : a history of Millican, Ogden Flats, Maryland, Valleyfield, Bonnybrook, South Hill, Cepeear, Lynnwood, Lynwood Ridge, River Glen, Crestwood, C.P.R. Ogden Shops
Gleanings after pioneers and progress
In the Shade of the Mountains
Treasured memories : Gwynne and district
Wandering River history book, 1983
Rosemary : land of promise
History of Hinton : gateway to the Rockies, Hinton, Alberta on the Yellowhead
Scandia since seventeen
Chaps and chinooks : a history west of Calgary. Volume 1
Time Marches On : a history of the Alfred, Formby, Wardenville and Wembley School Districts
History of the settlement and building up of the area in S.W. Alberta bordering Waterton Park on the north, from 1889
Hussar Heritage
Chaps and Chinooks : A History West of Calgary. Volume 2, 1900-1945
Pioneers who Blazed the Trail : a history of High Prairie and district
Under the Chinook Arch : a history of Cayley and surrounding areas
The eagle calls : history of Eagle Hill
Blooming prairie : a history of Morrin and district
Pat Burns, cattle king
Hussar heritage : through the years in Hussar and surrounding district, from its earliest beginnings to the present day
Carbon : our history, our heritage
Country crossroads : a history of Gardenview-Lawton, Stewartfield & Mosside
Ten dollars and a dream
The clear vision : a history of the Cleardale area, 60 miles west of Fairview
Heritage of the high country : a history of Del Bonita and surrounding districts
Over the years : a history of the Rimbey area
The hills of home
Strathmore : the village that moved : a story of the town of Strathmore
Memories past to present : a history of Beaver Crossing and surrounding district
Memories of Samis and Nearby Districts
Busby's busy years
Still God's country : the early history of Byemoor and area
Akokiniskway, by the river of many roses
From the Bigknife to the Battle : Gadsby and area
Our bend in the Peace : the story of Royce and Lubeck
From sod to silver
A Tapestry of Time : a history of Spiritwood, Mildred and Norbury Districts
Hills of Home : Drumheller Valley
Days Before Yesterday : History of Rocky Mountain House district
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