Mrs. Erickson and son, Walter, at East Springs, Alberta.
Corn boil and duck roast, Bingville school, Alberta.
Nellie Sneddon, teacher at East Springs school, British Block area, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tinney, settlers on south-east British Block area, Alberta.
School children, Brutus school, Alberta.
Halsey Sturtevant and Mr. McClelland at Sturtevant homestead shack, Bingville, Alberta.
'Robbie' Burns supper, Bray Lake, Alberta.
'St. Valentine's Greeting' Saint Valentine's Day postcard.
Ah, I see that you're an online book fan. Me too, Greetings!' 'Save your breath. I just googled you on face-find. I'm not interested in a 42 year old, un-employed appliance salesman�
Children on Stone homestead, Bingville, north portion of British Block area, southern Alberta.
Charlie Kincaid barn in course of dismantling, New Holland, Alberta.
Elizabeth Vander Linden with horse and stone boat, New Holland, Alberta.
Homesteader's dinner in Helegoland school, southern Alberta.
Ladies' nail hammering contest at picnic, Box Springs, Alberta.
Binder converted to header and header box, Bingville, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Elias, New Holland settlement, Alberta.
Members of Christensen and Terwinkle families, Bray Lake, Alberta.
Group of old-timers, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Jim and Terrence Stevens, Bray Lake, Alberta.
Group after United Church service, Peerless School, New Holland, Alberta.
Group in Norske's garden, Bray Lake, Alberta.
Visitors to Anne Grusendorf, Bray Lake, Alberta.
Visitors at Anne Grusendorf's house, Bray Lake, Alberta.
Group at birthday party for Mrs. Skrasted, New Holland, Alberta.
G. J. Warmink with his Clydesdale team, New Holland, Alberta.
Cowboys at round-up of Spencer brothers' horses, Medicine Hat area, Alberta.
Marie, Elizabeth and Ybrand Vander Linden visiting at New Holland, Alberta.
Visitors at Trieglaff home, Bingville, British Block area, Alberta.
Bingville settlers attending New Year's dinner, Helegoland school area, Alberta.
Dipping vat and corrals on ranch of Garret Elkink, New Holland, Alberta.
Dutch Reformed Church, north of Suffield, Alberta.
Mr. H. Y. Bargboer, Dutch settler ploughing at New Holland, Alberta.
Sunday school picnic, Harvest Vale, Alberta.
Group of pioneers, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Public school, Carlstadt, Alberta.
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