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Inuit traveling Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Inuit mudding a sled.  In the picture the mud is being repaired - Coppermine Nunavut
Dog Sled Team - ST. Andrews Anglican Mission - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Dog Sled Team - Anglican Mission - Coppermine Nunavut
Peter Kamingoak - Canon Webster's Inuit assistant - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Inuk man smoothing a repaired mud runner - Coppermine Nunavut
Inuk Natives enjoying a cup of tea from metal Thermos bottles - Coppermine Nunavut
Peter Kamingoak (Canon Webster's helper) and Amos Anaomik with Polar Bear - ST. Andrew's Anglican mission - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Polar Bear carcass and pelt - Coppermine Nunavut
Applying water and mud to runner of sled with Polar Bear skin Mitt - Coppermine Nunavut
Inuk man is building an igloo with snow blocks - Coppermine Nunavut
Inuit Kukilugak(Inuk Woman) Splitting a salmon for drying - (Note:tribal marks on her face) - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Building an igloo(Note: shown third row blocks) - Coppermine Region, Nunavut.
Seal Skin being pegged out to dry by Inuk Woman (Inuit) - ST.Andrews Mission - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Inuk Woman Removing the skin from the blubber of a seal - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Jane Kogliak 16 years old Inuk woman - Itchens Lake near Red Rock Lake - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Looking West - Coppermine, Nunavut
Looking N.E. - Coppermine, Nunavut
Inuk boy Coppermine Region Nunavut
Boat approaching Wilmot Islands, Nunavut.
Distant view of Coppermine, Nunavut.
Conference of Justices of Peace at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
Mr. Manning and Inuit mother and child
Exercise Muskox men and Inuit
Inuit at sea ice camp
Inuit at sea ice camp near Coppermine
Inuit child at sea ice camp near Coppermine
Coppermine settlement
U.S.A.F. glider on sea ice at Coppermine
U.S.A.F. glider on sea ice at Coppermine
Coppermine settlement
Coppermine settlement
Sea ice camp near Coppermine
Sea ice camp near Coppermine
Col. Wilson and T. Manning
Sea ice camp near Coppermine
At sea ice near Coppermine
Sea ice camp near Coppermine