Banquet in honour of pioneer settlers, Conjuring Lake, Alberta.
Sangster home, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Frederick William and Eva Coates, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
House in Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Sangster homestead, store and post office, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Post office and telephone central located in Sangster home, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Ferris homestead, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Baseball team, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Erickson and Van Meter families, Conjuring Creek area, Alberta.
Pupils outside Humble school, Conjuring Creek district, Alberta.
Victor Forsberg log home, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Percy Holmes, teacher, and class, Humble school, Conjuring Creek district, Alberta.
Picnic at Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Sawmill at Sangster's homestead, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Refreshment booth at picnic, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Joe David, and wife Mary Ann David, Kootenay.
Albert Armstrong family outside log homestead dwelling, Conjuring Creek district, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Irving Ferris, homesteaders, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Hiram Hamilton and wife, Almira, Conjuring Creek district, Alberta.
Jessie and Walter Sangster with their horses, Conjuring Creek, Alberta.
Threshing crew at Bell's farm, Wizard Lake, Alberta.
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Homesteader, John McEwen with Rowel family, Conjuring Creek area, Alberta.
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Threshing crew at Bell's farm, Wizard Lake, Alberta.
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Prestidigitateur, Le
The Exorcist.'
I ask you not to think about the cuts, but think about the future instead!'
From Frontier Days in Leduc and District : 65 years of progress, 1891-1956
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Oberlander, Cornelia Hahn
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