Churches and North-West Mounted Police barracks, Cochrane, Alberta.
Anglican church, Cochrane, Alberta.
View of Cochrane, Alberta.
Interior of Anglican church, Cochrane, Alberta
Beam house, Cochrane, Alberta.
McDonald/Gillis/McEachern Family reunion, Cochrane, Alberta.
Rainstorm at Cochrane, Alberta.
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church, Cochrane, Alberta.
Interior of Christ Church, Millarville, Alberta.
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church, Cochrane, Alberta.
Reverend H.M. Horricks and Mrs. Horricks, Cochrane, Alberta.
All Saints Anglican Church
William Hastie Cochrane, Scotland.
Cochrane Bylaws, 2001
Methodist church and manse, Cochrane, Alberta.
William H. Cochrane with 'Chanter' thoroughbred stallion, Millarville, Alberta.
St. Andrew's United Church
Cochrane Bylaws, 2002
Cochrane Bylaws, 1989
Cochrane Bylaws, 1981
Catholic church, Cochrane, Alberta.
Cochrane Bylaws, 2005
Cochrane Bylaws, 1974
Cochrane Bylaws, 2004
Cochrane Bylaws, 1965
Cochrane Bylaws, 1975
Cochrane Bylaws, 2000
Cochrane Bylaws, 1998
Cochrane Bylaws, 2006
Cochrane Bylaws, 1995
Cochrane Bylaws, 1993
Reverend H.M. Horricks, minister of United Church, Cochrane, Alberta.
Cochrane Bylaws, 1999
Cochrane Bylaws, 2007
Cochrane Bylaws, 1949
Cochrane Bylaws, index 2004-2005
Cochrane Bylaws, Index, 1991-1995
Cochrane Bylaws, Index 2006-2007
Cochrane Bylaws, Index 2002-2003
Cochrane Bylaws, repealed 1928-1983
Reverend John A. Claxton family and friends, Cochrane, Alberta.
Presbyterian Church, Cochrane, Alberta.
Harvest festival, United Church, Cochrane, Alberta.
Polo game, Cochrane, Alberta - Millarville versus Cochrane.
Early members of First Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Church of the Redeemer, Anglican church, Calgary, Alberta.
Diocesan Synod, Calgary, Alberta.
Cochrane, AB., Bylaws, Index
Sheep on the range in southern Alberta.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Calgary, Alberta.
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