Reverend Luther Shatto and Mrs. Shatto, with family, Arrowwood, Alberta.
Group at Conference of Church of Brethren, Calgary, Alberta.
Church of the Brethren preachers, Arrowwood, Alberta.
Reverend John Culp and Mrs. Culp with family, Arrowwood, Alberta.
A sermon preached on the occasion of the death of the Rev. Robert McGill, D.D., minister of St. Paul's Church, Montreal
Under the Northern Cross, or, Parochial memories
Sketch of the life and labors of the Rev. John Campbell, of St. Marys, N.S
A gallery of distinguished men
Hand book of the Church of England missions in the eleven dioceses [...]
Ten years in my first charge
The Lutheran Legacy : growth of Calgary's Lutheran churches
River John : its pastors and people
History of the Methodist Church within the territories embraced in the late conference of eastern British America, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Bermuda. Vol. I
History of the Methodist Church within the territories embraced in the late conference of eastern British America [...]
The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland : being an illustrated historical sketch of the Church of England in Canada, as traced through her episcopate
The  history of the Diocese of Niagara to 1950 A.D.
Revd. John Ogilvie, D.D. : an Army Chaplain at Fort Niagara and Montreal, 1759-1760, The
Sixty years and after : an historical sketch of Holy Trinity Parish, Winnipeg, also, an outline of present day activities and possible future developments
Atlantic Canada to 1900 : a history of the Anglican Church
Patriotism and endurance: the pastoral letter of His Eminence Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Malines, Christmas 1914
The city and diocese of London, Ontario, Canada : an historical sketch compiled in commemoration of the opening of St. Peter's Cathedral, London, June 28th, 1885
The story of our church : Central United Church, Port Colborne, 1856-1966
History of the Brantford Congregational Church, 1820 to 1920
The story of Christ Church, Dartmouth : a hundred years, and more, in the life of a Nova Scotian parish
My return from Rome : pastoral letter
Reverend John Wurz.
A sermon, on the life, labours, and character, of the late Honourable and Right-Reverend John Strachan D.D., LLD., Lord Bishop of Toronto
Short history of the Presbyterian Church in the Dominion of Canada : from the earliest to the present time
From Strachan to Owen : how the Church of England was planted and tended in British North America
The Catholic Church in the Niagara Peninsula : 1626-1895
Adventure in faith : the background in Europe and the development in Canada of lthe Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba
Born with a call: a biography of Dr. William Pearly Oliver, C.M.
Oblate Fathers in Calgary : Roman Catholic Church, 1875-1889
Long Tried and Faithful
Columbia mission : occasional paper, June, 1860
Golden jubilee of  St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum : the work of Fathers Dowd, O'Brien and Quinlivan: with biographies and illustrations
Blue flame in the foothills : Presbyterian activities in the Calgary region
Dr. Ryerson's letters in reply to the attacks of foreign ecclesiastics against the schools and municipalities of Upper Canada [...]
Bishop Black and his preachers
The History of the Church Missionary Society : its environment, its men and its work
The Oro African Church : a history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Edgar, Ontario, Canada
Fifty years with the Baptist ministers and churches of the Maritime Provinces of Canada
From Macdonell to McGuigan : the history of the growth of the Roman Catholic church in Upper Canada
Bowlen brothers, Calgary, Alberta.
Memorial volume of jubilee celebration of fiftieth anniversary of Knox Church, Ottawa : held 11th, 12th, 13th and 18th November, 1894
The Manitoba school question
The wedge; an exhaustive study of public and separate school legislation in the province of Ontario
History of the Presbyterian Church in the Dominion of Canada
Spadunk ; or, From paganism to Davenport United : a study of community development, of the religious life around which it centred, and of the pioneer personalities which gave shape to both
The English cathedral of Quebec : [paper]  read before the Literary and Historical Society, Quebec, 10th march, 1891
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