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The Valley Comes of Age
History of Emerson, Featuring Historical Sketches of Surrounding Districts.
Milk River Country
Cheyenne tipi near the mission, Montana, USA.
Plenty Bird, Cheyenne, and his wife and horse standing near his tipi, Montana, USA.
Plenty Bird, Cheyenne, sitting in his uncovered sweat lodge, Montana, USA.
Two Moon's family seated in front of his tipi, Northern Cheyenne, Lame Deer Valley, Montana, USA.
Spotted Eagle's village, Sioux, near the old freight road.
American Horse and family standing in front of his tipi, Montana, USA
Deserted buffalo hunter's cabin on Hell Creek, Montana, USA.
House of green buffalo hides, Northern Montana, USA.
Skin camp of the buffalo hide hunters, Northern Montana, USA.
American Horse, Cheyenne, standing beside his tipi, Montana, USA.
The old Spear cow camp on Bitter Creek, Montana, USA.
Interior of an old time ranch, Powder River, Montana, USA.
Hudson's Bay Company buildings at Fort Chipewyan, on Lake Athabasca, Alberta.
Hotel de Northern Traders at Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta.
Sacred objects and sacred places : preserving tribal traditions
Plants and the Blackfoot
Blackfeet Indian stories
Old Indian trails