Chautauqua at Toronto, Ontario.
Mail transported by boat during flood at High River, Alberta.
Chautauqua loaded for shipping, Western Canada.
Chautauqua, Cabri, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua group ready for travel, Western Canada.
Otto Lennecke with dog, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua group en route to Alaska.
Chautauqua tent, in loaded car, Western Canada.
Group of Chautauqua directors enroute, Winnipeg to Chicago.
Chautauqua performers with loaded car, Wilkie area, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua at Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua at Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua tent men leaving Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.
Chautauqua performers and loaded car, Western Canada.
Loaded Chautauqua car on muddy road, Western Canada.
Chautauqua group and loaded car, Coronation, Alberta.
Chautauqua tent snad crowd, Canada.
Chautauqua car stuck in mud, Battleford area, Saskatchewan.
Mr. J. M. Erickson and his wife Nola B. Erickson, Canadian circuit.
Chautauqua staff having fun, Prieceville, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua performers group in car, Western Canada.
Chautauqua group on ferry, Dunvegan Crossing, Peace River, Alberta.
Glenn Frank, Chautauqua lecturer, Western Canada.
Cast of Chautauqua play, 'Smilin' Thru', Western Canada.
Chautauqua performers leaving on train, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Man on horseback on ranch near Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Chautauqua car stuck in mud, Canada.
Chautauqua car stuck in mud, Canadian prairies.
Chautauqua tent, Kingston, Ontario.
Group advertising chautauqua, Carbon, Alberta.
Ferry, Dunvegan Crossing, Peace River, Alberta.
Model T car on Gregory ferry Red Deer River, Alberta.
School children with horse transportation outside school, MacEwan district, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company scows, Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Lumber leaving Lineham's mill, High River, Alberta.
Wagons at warehouse, Saulteaux Landing, Alberta.
Thomas Jameson, Millarville, Alberta.
Chautauqua group, Avonlea, Saskatchewan.
Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.
Buildings used by Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway at Saulteaux, Alberta.
Ficht family with Model T touring car, Nanton area, Alberta.
Coyote-hunting at Sanderson farm, Midnapore, Alberta.
School at Parkland, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway station, Nanton, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway stations, Nanton, Alberta.
School bus, Nanton, Alberta.
Railway avenue, North, Nanton, Alberta.
Driver and children with school van, Nanton, Alberta.
Harry McMasters and Ethel Shaw in early snowmobile, Nanton area, Alberta.
Borger Berger, Nanton area, Alberta.
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