Winterized car.
Woman [nurse?] standing outside building with spaniel.
Fence in a field of hay.
Hunting group on wagon.
Two setters with dog house.
English setter in a field.
Man in suit and cowboy hat smoking cigarette outdoors.
View of mountains.
Dogs in a kennel.
English setter in a field.
Setters and dog houses on verandah of building.
Setter on a leash.
Woman at Anderson's cottage, Banff, Alberta.
Couple beside car.
Men playing tennis on grass court.
Couple in garden.
Group in mountains.
Woman resting at picnic.
Flowers on gravesite in cemetery.
Mosely's puppies.
Two girls on a bench.
Mosely's puppies.
Grace L. Winter on verandah, Calgary, Alberta.
'Willy' dressed in suit, Calgary, Alberta.
Three women on verandah, Calgary, Alberta.
Baby in high chair at Christmas time, Calgary, Alberta.
Baby in high chair at Christmas time, Calgary, Alberta.
Chicken with chicks, Calgary, Alberta.
Bird coops in yard of house, Calgary, Alberta.
Judge W. Roland Winter residence, Calgary, Alberta.
Baby on porch of house, Calgary, Alberta.
Austin de Bernis Winter residence, Calgary, Alberta.
Woman [nurse?] standing outside building.
Austin de B. Winter preparing to release ring-neck pheasants, Alberta.
English setter standing near dog house.
Woman sitting on wheelbarrow.
Stock of rifle.
Men and boy in hunting party.
Grand Canyon.
Grace L. Winter on sofa, Calgary, Alberta.
Men shooting guns in field on hunting excursion.
Man with English setter.
Stooks of hay in a field.
Man with dog in field.
English setter.
Setter on a wicker chair.
Setter on a wicker chair.
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