The Lutheran Legacy : growth of Calgary's Lutheran churches
First Spiritualist Church : a short account of Spiritualism in Calgary
Inglewood and Ramsay : cradle of Calgary
Buckboard to brotherhood : the Baptist churches in Calgary
Reminiscences : life in Calgary, then and now
Bowness : country homes and amusements west of Calgary
Oblate Fathers in Calgary : Roman Catholic Church, 1875-1889
United Church in Calgary : activities and events, 1875-1970
From slate pencil to instant ink : Calgary's public, separate and private schools : accounts
Ukrainian rite Catholic Church : an account of church activities in Calgary
Now there was an athlete : amateur sports in Calgary : accounts by Calgary authors
The Anglican Church in Calgary : church activities, 1878-1974 : accounts
Hub of three hamlets : community cooperation east of Calgary
Scouting in Calgary : boy scout groups and activities, 1910-1974 : accounts by Calgary authors
Blue flame in the foothills : Presbyterian activities in the Calgary region
Communities six : Calgary grows to the northeast and southwest : accounts
At your service. Part one : Calgary's library, parks department, military, medical services, and fire department : accounts
Cadillac : prairie heritage
Papers and Records of the Wentworth Historical Society. Volume 6-11
The story of Renfrew : from the coming of the first settlers about 1820 to 1928
Kent Historical Society : papers and addresses. Volume 1
Lennox and Addington Historical Society : papers and records. Volume III
Historical bulletin. Volumes 9-16 (1936-1944)
Galicia and Bukovina : a research handbook about Western Ukraine, late 19th and 20th centuries
From Macdonell to McGuigan : the history of the growth of the Roman Catholic church in Upper Canada
Historical bulletin. Volumes 17-20 (1944-1956)
Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society. Volume 2
From Oxford to Ontario : a history of the Downsview community
Conflict or cooperation? Blackfoot trade strategies, 1794-1815
The Thunder Bay Historical Society: ninth annual report : papers of 1918
A guide to the study of Manitoba local history
From Strachan to Owen : how the Church of England was planted and tended in British North America
A history of Simcoe County : Volume II, Its pioneers
Proposed training curriculum for the Historical Resources Intern Programme course review for Alberta Culture, Historic Sites Service
Spadunk ; or, From paganism to Davenport United : a study of community development, of the religious life around which it centred, and of the pioneer personalities which gave shape to both
A Monograph of historic sites in the province of New Brunswick
St. Nazaire to Singapore : the Canadian amphibious war, 1941-1945. Volume 1
From Brock to Currie : the military development and exploits of Canadians in general and of the men of Peel in particular, 1791 to 1930
Winter sports in the West
Historical bulletin (Calgary). Vol. 10, no. 1
St. Nazaire to Singapore : the Canadian amphibious war, 1941-1945. Volume 2
Sojourners and settlers : the Macedonian community in Toronto to 1940
Historic Hastings
Chaps and chinooks : a history west of Calgary. Volume 1
The Black Robe's Vision : A History of St. Albert & District.  Volume 1
Calgary Archaeologist No. 2, 1974
Jubilee History of Thorold : Township and Town:  From the Time of the Red Man to the Present
Ireland in the last fifty years (1866-1916)
The Italian immigrant woman in North America
Between Long Lake and Last Mountain : Bulyea, Duval, Strasbourg : Volume 1
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