Un siècle de labeur de foi d'honneur : histoire de la Pariosse de Saint-Octave-de-Metis, 1855-1955
Notices biographiques et notes historiques sur le Diocèse de Chicoutimi : vol. 1
Bulletin paroissial de Limoilou
Trois curés de Lévis : Mgr Déziel, Mgr Gauvreau, Mgr Gosselin
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 35
The sword of Saint Paul : a history of the Diocese of Saskatoon, 1933-1983
Québecensia : vol. 5 : 1984
The Explorations of Jonathan Oldbuck, F.G.S.Q., in Eastern latitudes : Canadian history, legends, scenery, sport
St. Catherine's Catholic Church, Lac La Biche, Alberta, 1914-1989, 75th Anniversary
Nos Racines : chapitre 106 à 120
Louis Riel : a bibliography
From Macdonell to McGuigan : the history of the growth of the Roman Catholic church in Upper Canada
L' enseignement du français en Acadie (1604-1926)
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 40
L' Acadie des ancêtres : avec la généalogie des premières familles acadiennes
A Bibliography of the Prairie Provinces to 1953 with bibliographical index
A Topographical Dictionary of the Province of Lower Canada
Histoire de la Province ecclésiastique d'Ottawa et de la colonisation de la Vallée de l'Ottawa. Volume 2
A Pictorial History of St. Paul and District
The Black Robe's Vision : A History of St. Albert & District.  Volume 1
Centennial of St. Vital Parish, 1877-1977 : Roman Catholic Church, Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
McAlpine's Maritime Provinces Directory for 1870-71
Faith and tenacity : a history of Morinville
From spruce trees to wheatfields: Plamondon
Alberta, 1954-1979 : a provincial bibliography
In the Beginning ….
Beaumont : histoire de Beaumont et district, 1885-1960
History of the North-West. Volume 2
Lac La Biche : yesterday and today
200 Remarkable Alberta Women
From spruce trees to wheatfields: Plamondon. Volume 2, 1988-2008
Joseph, Mathilda & family, 1884-1982
Precious Memories = Memoires precieuses : Mallaig - Therian, 1906-1992
Bibliography of Manitoba from holdings in the Legislative Library of Manitoba
A History of British Columbia
Women of Red River; being a book written from the recollections of women surviving from the Red River era
Alberta History Cumulative Index, 1953-1977
Echoes of the Past
Luseland Hub and Spokes : a History of Luseland, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1905-1983. Volume 1
Fort Pitt history unfolding, 1829-1985 : history of the Hudson Bay Post and the school districts of White Eagle, Harlan, Frenchman Butte, Rock Bottom, Onion Lake, Fort Pitt
St. Lina and surrounding area
Footsteps in time : Meota, Prince, Wing, Russell, Fitzgerald, Vyner, St. Michael, Jackfish Creek, Ness, Lavigne, Cochin, Murray Lake, Scentgrass, Glenrose, Moosomin, Saulteaux, Metinota
The Wheels of Time : a history of Riviere Qui Barre
Footprints in the sands of time : Antler, Bellegarde, Braeside, Coulson, Kelvindale, Oatlands, Silver Vale
Ernestly! : Happy Yesterdays
Alberta Gazette 1952
The hills of home
Memories past to present : a history of Beaver Crossing and surrounding district
Moosomin Century One : Town and Country
Barnwell History
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