The cod fisheries : the history of an international economy
Fabrique St. Nicilas
Ukrainian rite Catholic Church : an account of church activities in Calgary
At school in Kingston, 1850-1973 : the story of Catholic education in Kingston and district
History of the Methodist Church within the territories embraced in the late conference of eastern British America, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Bermuda. Vol. I
Archdiocese of Regina : a history
The Catholic Church in the Niagara Peninsula : 1626-1895
From Macdonell to McGuigan : the history of the growth of the Roman Catholic church in Upper Canada
Spanish Catholic's visit to England : impressions, A
Picton's 100 years, 1837-1937 : a historical record of achievement.
A Journey of Faith : St. Peter's abbacy, 1921-1996
St. Catharines : Canada's canal city
The  Grey Nuns in the far north, 1867-1917
Histoire de l'Église catholique dans l'Ouest canadien du Lac Supérieur au Pacifique (1659-1905). Vol. III
Knights of Columbus in Saskatchewan, 1907-1982 : a history of achievement
The Manitoba school question
Tales of Amherst Island
History of St. Andrew's United Church at Williamstown, Ontario, 1787-1987
The golden north : a vast country of inexhaustable gold fields, and a land of illimitable cereal and stock raising capabilities
Brief halt at mile "50" : a half century of Church union
The  history of Miscou and Shippegan : revised and enlarged from the author's manuscript notes
The city and diocese of London, Ontario, Canada : an historical sketch compiled in commemoration of the opening of St. Peter's Cathedral, London, June 28th, 1885
Champlain's Island : an expanded edition of Ste. Croix (Dochet) Island
Correspondence and papers on various subjects by the late William Edwards, of Clarence, Ont. : together with a sketch of his life
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
Prince Albert : the first century, 1866-1966
Origin and services of the Prince of Wales regiment : including a brief history of the militia of French Canada and of the Canadian militia since Canada became a British colony...
Short history of the Presbyterian Church in the Dominion of Canada : from the earliest to the present time
New Brunswick, with a brief outline of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Hand book of the Church of England missions in the eleven dioceses [...]
A church in the Glebe : St. Matthew's, Ottawa, 1898-1988 : a history prepared for the occasion of the 90th anniversary of St. Matthew's Church
Victoria County centennial history
Bishop Black and his preachers
Ste. Croix (Dochet) island : a monograph
The  history of the Diocese of Niagara to 1950 A.D.
Landmarks of Polish history
A History of the County of Antigonish, Nova Scotia
History of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, the Sable Islands, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, the Bermudas, Newfoundland & c., & c.
Revd. John Ogilvie, D.D. : an Army Chaplain at Fort Niagara and Montreal, 1759-1760, The
The History of St. Andrew's Church, Kingston, Ontario
The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland : being an illustrated historical sketch of the Church of England in Canada, as traced through her episcopate
The story of Christ Church, Dartmouth : a hundred years, and more, in the life of a Nova Scotian parish
A short history of Manitoba
From Strachan to Owen : how the Church of England was planted and tended in British North America
Pilger Memories : a history of the Pilger-St. Bernard District : a struggle for survival
Father Al Robaut, founder of Holy Cross mission in Alaska.
City of Belleville history
History of the Baptists of the Maritime Provinces
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
History of the Presbyterian Church in the Dominion of Canada
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