Theshing with separator run by portable engine in Carstairs area, Alberta.
Sandstone rock formation at Scarlett stopping place, Carstairs, Alberta.
Formation of rocks, southeast of Carstairs, Alberta.
United Church, Carstairs, Alberta.
Home Oil Company gas plant, Carstairs, Alberta.
St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church, Carstairs, Alberta.
Carstairs school days
Threshing crew, Little Red Deer River, Carstairs area, Alberta.
The Hay's dairy farm, Carstairs, Alberta.
Beyond our prairie Trails, V. 2 Family histories
Beyond our Prairie Trails, V. 1 Community history
Outdoor council meeting, Beaver Dam Medical District, Crossfield, Alberta.
Grain elevators and railway crossing at Carstairs, Alberta.
The Hay's dairy farm, Carstairs, Alberta.
Portrait of two boys, Crossfield Alberta.
Portrait of unknown man, Crossfield Alberta.
Portrait of two local women, Crossfield, Alberta.
View of machine shop, Crossfield, Alberta.
Road construction, Edson area, Alberta.
Harvesting on Wood farm, Carstairs, Alberta.
Binding in Dog Pound area, west of Carstairs, Alberta.
Executive of Western Canada Holstein Association, Toronto, Ontario.
General store, Crossfield, Alberta.
School pupils, Carstairs, Alberta.
Winners at national Holstein show, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Desk and Derrick Club members visiting General Petroleums drilling rig, near Carstairs, Alberta.
Surveyors relaxing on felled trees, Edson area, Alberta.
Surveyors relaxing in camp, Edson area, Alberta.
Survey camp bunkhouse, Medicine Lodge flats, Edson area, Alberta.
Executive of United Farmers of Alberta Cooperative Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
Main street, Crossfield, Alberta.
Barber shop, Crossfield, Alberta.
Local girl, Crossfield, Alberta.
Pool hall and barber shop, Crossfield, Alberta.
Surveyor beside tent, Edson area, Alberta.
Partridge shot by surveyor, on line in front of tent, Edson area, Alberta.
Sibley heater in surveyor's tent, Edson area, Alberta.
Board of Directors of United Farmers of Alberta Cooperative Association Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
Pool hall and barber shop, Crossfield, Alberta.
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