Caribou, barren lands
Barren land, caribou migrating
[Swimming Caribou]
Barren land, caribou migrating
Barren land, caribou migrating
Barren land, caribou migrating
Alberta Pacific-employees tagging caribou
[Likely a Barren-Ground Caribou]
Inuit with hunted caribou
Caribou antlers
Caribou antlers
Caribou - Barreu Ground Caribou Crossing near mouth of Little River - Nueltin Lake N.W.Extremity, Nunavut
Caribou antlers
Pack train, Bedaux Expedition.
Excavated caribou bones
Barren ground caribou, Nunavut.
Valley of Caribou Creek from Sta. XI
Caribou Valley from the west
Caribou Swimming Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Caribou meat
Isolated knob in loop of Caribou Creek
Barren Grounds Caribou in Early Winter on the Great Plains of the Koukdjuak in Western Baffin Island, September, 1926
Caribou Barreu ground Caribou Crossing Little River at the mouth.  Bucks with a few Does and Fawns N.W.Extremity of Nueltin Lake.  S.W. Keewatin, Nunavut
Northern Syndicate Vickers Viking amphibian flying boat crew wait for caribou, Northwest Territories.
Thomas Smith taking a break on the trail, Caribou Mountains, on Dizzy Creek, northern Alberta.
First Nations of Manitoba men and caribou in winter, probably near Royal North-West Mounted Police barracks, Churchill, Manitoba.
Carcross, Bennett Lake, Yukon Territory.
View down Glacier Creek, showing subdued topography between Glacier and Caribou Creeks
Mount Royal Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
Camp for hunting trip in winter, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories.
Hunter with caribou, Arctic, Canada.
Herd of caribou, Northwest Territories.
Herd of caribou, Northwest Territories.
Caribou swimming across water, Arctic, Canada.
The Inland Inuit use caribou skin tents, not igloos - Inuit settlement Barreu Lands
Hunting caribou at Fort Hall, Manitoba.
H.R.Weber and J.A.Thomson with antlers of Caribou
That's the thanks he gets! Something big like the millenium comes along, and they boot him off the quarter!!'
Caribou on frozen Reindeer Lake, Manitoba.
Muskox Living Quarters
Arctic caribou near Fort Churchill, Manitoba.
Jimmy Fabieu making lunch on the trail, during Royal Canadian Mounted Police patrol to Fort Reliance, Northwest Territories.
Mountains as seen from Carcross, Yukon Territory.
Caribou divide about six miles west of camp August 18, 1920
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